Developers Azrest and Balan Company Are Releasing the Balan Wonderworld Divisional Demo from Consoles and Steam; The benefits of the demo will be published later.

The very divisive demo version of Wonderworld Balance it is being removed from consoles and Steam; developers Azrest and Balan Company plan to distribute the profits from the demo “at a later date. “Square Enix Editor Launch Wonderworld’s Balance Trial version earlier this year, allowing interested prospective buyers to get acquainted with the colorful and charming platformer.

Impressions from the demo were largely mixed from the start. Even if Wonderworld’s Balance The visuals proved to be impressive in almost every way, the gameplay in many places seemed stiff and unpolished. Development teams attempted to address these criticisms in a patch released on the full day of the game’s release. That same update also addressed issues with certain effects that caused players to feel dizzy while playing. And, unfortunately, critics who played the long-awaited platformer at launch discovered Wonderworld Balance it also featured a glitch that caused seizures during the final boss battle. A patch from day one fixed the problem, but such a revelation did the project no favors in terms of public perception.

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For reasons that are not clear, the developers and Square Enix have chosen to discontinue the Wonderworld Balance demo on consoles and Steam. The news appeared earlier in the week on the game’s official Twitter account (via Siliconera). Wonderworld’s Balance The trial version left the digital stores on consoles yesterday, while the Steam iteration will go offline tomorrow, April 16. The bonuses obtained through the demo, that is, additional costumes, will be available to all consumers at “a date later. “

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Wonderworld balance scale red curtain pose

Despite Wonderland’s Balance Unbelievable promise, it seems this counts as an experience that just failed to keep landing on many levels. However, as of this writing, Square Enix and company have yet to clarify if the demo will be delisted in the long term or if there are plans to restore its availability in the future.

Wonderworld Balance comes from the brilliant minds of director Yuji Naka and art director Naoto Ohshima, who were an integral part of Sega’s design Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The two tried to rekindle that magic in their latest project published by Square Enix, which took players into the wonderful world of the fictional Balan Theater.

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Wonderworld Balance now available on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Fountain: Wonderworld Balance / Twitter via Siliconera

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