While in Gotham under mysterious circumstances, a former Superman antagonist was apparently killed by Grifter.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “The Long Con: Part Two” from Batman: Urban Legends # 2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Ryan Benjamin, Antonio Fabela and Saida Temofonte, out now.

Superman’s rogues gallery stretches beyond typical alien powerhouses, with a host of human geniuses like Lex Luthor as some of his most consistent foes. But now, one of his oldest enemies has met a lurid and unlikely fate, and not even within the city limits of Metropolis.

On Batman: Urban Legends # 2, the classic Superman villain Toyman came to Gotham City to see Grifter, only to be killed and left with an unconscious Little Red Riding Hood, implicating Grifter in another murder.

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Scammer toyman

Ever since he came to Gotham City to serve as Lucius Fox’s personal bodyguard, Grifter has been making moves in the dead of night involving members of Gotham’s criminal underworld. This has involved meeting Penguin and Nora Fries shortly before the latter was found dead in the Gotham River, implicating the antihero in the eyes of Batman and Nightwing. Another meeting occurs in central Gotham a couple of nights later at an empty train station. Grifter meets Winslow Schott, the Toyman.

But before the two of them can really get into their own business, Grifter realizes that Red Hood had followed one of them. The former Robin reveals that he has been hunting Toyman in an effort to bring the villain to justice, only for Grifter to get in his way and fight the former Robin surprisingly well. Grifter even gets the best of Red Hood during their fight, but spares his life, knocking him unconscious and leaving him with a cheeky note to find out when he finally wakes up. When Red Hood awakens, he discovers Toyman next to him, shot dead in the chest. This apparently links Grifter to another mysterious murder of a villain.

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Red Hood Toyman Corps

Toyman was actually one of Superman’s first enemies, first appearing in 1943 Action comics # 64 by Don Cameron and Ed Dobrotka. Toyman was initially a more comical villain for the Man of Steel who uses a number of ridiculous gadgets and gizmos to challenge Superman. But over the years, the character evolved into a much darker version, slowly earning a large number of kills. His post-crisis incarnation even eventually murdered Cat Grant’s young son Adam, making him one of Superman’s most disturbing foes. The modern incarnation of the character was also a criminal, but after Superman revealed his identity to the world, he decided to redeem himself by agreeing to work with Checkmate.

The circumstances surrounding his death only complicated matters, as his connection to Checkmate could even end up playing a role in whatever game is going on in Gotham. Checkmate was reassembled to deal with Leviathan, and the nefarious organization is also currently targeting Lucius Fox. Grifter even defeats a band of Leviathan agents targeting Fox, suggesting they may have a account to settle with Grifter that could be achieved by tricking the other Gotham heroes into targeting it. There is a possibility that Leviathan is behind these recent attacks on villains and is trying to eliminate an enemy from the board by blaming Grifter. Or is it possible that Grifter is operating under some unknown plan and is killing villains along the way?

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