Best Indie Game Releases and Highlights from Nintendo’s Latest Showcase

Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase had some great new IPs, amazing sequels, and so much more. Here are some of the highlights.

The last Nintendo Indie World Showcase revealed some exciting new IPs and a couple of unexpected sequels. The presentation, which took place on April 14, 2021, gave Switch and indie fans a lot to look forward to this year and into 2022. Here are some of the highlights from the latest broadcast.

Typically, Nintendo’s Indie World Showcases focus on lesser-known studios and titles, while finishing off the presentation with bigger reveals. The latest Indie World Showcase revealed that Among us It was coming to the Nintendo Switch later that day, and while nothing in this latest presentation caused such a stir, a lot of great (and great-looking) games were included.

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There was something for everyone in Nintendo’s latest showcase, from skateboarding games like OlliOlliWorld to Steam titles as talked about as The desire. There were even some surprise announcements for sequels and remakes, like House of the Dead: Remake, that are bringing the titles of the 80s and 90s back to the Switch. While many of the games look great, here are some of the highlights.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztech Forgotten Gods It seems God of War combined with a technological aesthetic of the 80s and Aztec tradition. As Achtli, a warrior with a robotic arm, players will come face to face with giant gods and fight them. It’s an interesting take on platform and puzzle games, and the game will launch on Nintendo Switch this fall.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

Oxenfree 2 Nintendo Indie Showcase

Oxenfree 2: Missing Signals is the unexpected (but well received) sequel to the cult hit No oxen. Set five years after the events of the original game, No oxen 2 It combines old and new elements from its predecessor to give gamers an experience they will probably not forget. With something nice Strange things vibes, fans of the hit Netflix show may want to see No oxen 2 also.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – GetsuFumaDen: Eternal Moon

GetsuFumaDen Battle of the Immortal Moon Chief

Another unexpected sequel that was announced during the Indie World event is GetsuFumaDen: Eternal Moon. More than thirty years have passed since the original. GetsuFumaDen, and Konami’s involvement is almost as surprising. This, combined with recent Silent Hill rumors, it could spell a comeback for the studio behind popular franchises like Metal Gear Solid Y Castlevania.

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On GetsuFumaDen: Eternal Moon, players are a hero tasked with fighting a series of great bosses with a wide range of weapons. Combining roguelite elements with a hack and slash game, indie hit fans hell and Konami’s own Castlevania The series may want to see the game when it launches on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge Reveal Trailer

GetsuFumaDen It’s not the only title from a bygone era of gaming to appear in the latest Indie World Showcase. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge will receive a port for Switch this year. The 16-bit beat ’em up will receive a remastering in HD and TMNT Fans should be delighted to see this classic appear on a more modern console.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase: Cris Tales


Crystals is a stylistic RPG with branching storylines and a time-bending narrative. As an awakened time wizard named Crisbell, players will embark on a journey through a fantasy world with a potentially catastrophic future. The Switch is already a powerhouse for role-playing games, and Crystals looks like a nice new addition to the genre library.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase – Skul: The Hero Slayer

Skul the Hero Slayer Chimera

Skul: The Hero Killer released for PC earlier this year, and the 2D rougelite is now heading to Switch this summer. With an attractive art style, fast combat and intimidating bosses, Skul: The Hero Killer should appeal to fans of Hollow knight who are still waiting Silksong break free.

Indie World Showcases always have fascinating titles to reveal, and this latest presentation was no different. These streaming highlights offer plenty of options for fans of indie games and the Nintendo Change to test.

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