Black Clover reveals that demons can form unions … with OTHER demons?

The high-level demons of Black Clover Chapter 289 unleash their true abilities: to form a bond with each other to potentially cheat death.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black clover Chapter # 289, “Freezing Sun” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese “Ace” Christman, now available in English from Viz Media.

The devil’s infiltration of the human world has given rise to a new threat in Chapter 289 of Black clover “Frozen sun. Asta’s new demon union with Liebe is proving effective against the devil problem, but the high-level demons Lilith and Naamah have just thrown a curve ball in Asta’s path.

Asta is able to defeat one of the demons, but just before the body disappears, his twin counterpart fuses with the deceased to form an entirely new entity. This union between demons is not only disturbing, but could also be indicative of immortality. Asta is also racing against the clock, and if demons can fuse with each other later their deaths, the Dark Triad could be an even greater threat than anticipated. Based on the details revealed in Chapter 289, let’s take a look at how demons could take the lead in the battle against humanity.

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Lilith and Naamah are high-level demons, but after Naamah’s death, Lilith has unlocked her true power with a new union of demons. It’s still unclear if only high-level demons can form a bond with each other, but that detail alone is problematic enough for Magic Knights. Nacht claims that the new form of the two fused demons possesses more magic than simply adding the two hosts, meaning that their unison has created an entirely new beast. Fortunately for Asta, he cannot feel the negative magic coming out of the new devil.

Since Naamah was killed, the devil’s magic should have been eradicated, but Lilith sealed it in time and used it for bonding. Demons operate differently from humans, so their prolonged existence after death could turn into a type of magic, one that can be used by another demon. Inherently, this could give demons a previously mentioned form of immortality. Most likely, only high-level demons can use this ability, otherwise, there would have been instances of lower-ranked demons performing the same unions to dominate superiors in the underworld.

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Gaining immortality in this way could be the ace the Dark Triad is waiting for. If some demons can form a union with each other, the three that are corrupting the Dark Triad will likely form more at some point in this battle. This means that once the human host can no longer serve a purpose, Lucifero and his minions could somehow create their own union to prolong their life. The Dark Triad is clearly being manipulated by demons, and once their fellow demons are able to fully manifest themselves in the human world, it would not be surprising if Zogratis fell through their hands.

Asta has the upper hand against the new devil union due to his anti-magic, but does that mean that the union between demons and humans is stronger than the union between demons? The Dark Triad formed unions with their demonic counterparts simply because demons were unable to manifest in the human world … still. Their need to take advantage of each other is what led them to form unions. When it comes to Asta and Liebe, their sibling connection, through Licita, is what allows their bond to be inherently strong. It seems that the devil’s unions are completed by the fact that both parties share a common goal, but the true strength of the unions derives from the real link between both parties. Therefore, even if the Dark Triad has formed unions with the strongest demons of the underworld, their true compatibility will always be short compared to Asta and Liebe.

Even so, demons that form unions with other demons will give birth to new magical enemies that are out of this world in Black clover. Asta’s biggest limitation at the moment is the time limit of his union with Liebe, but when it comes to overall strength and compatibility, Asta and Liebe Will get to the top.

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