Capture or kill creatures in Monster Hunter Rise (which is better)

There are pros and cons between killing or capturing creatures in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide will show players which is better of the two.

Players have the option to capture or kill a monster while in Monster hunter rise. This guide will show players which method to choose between the two. Monster hunter rise It starts out pretty simple as 1-star missions require players to collect materials or take out lower-level enemies. As the stars start to rise, so will the challenge, but so will the rewards. Quite early in the game, the tutorial teaches players how they can capture monsters rather than kill them. Some missions may require players to capture monsters for the task, so be sure to read that before starting a mission. Going this far on a mission and killing the captured target is nothing more than a huge waste of time. There are key differences and benefits that come with killing or capturing a monster. This guide will show players the pros and cons of doing each one.

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Capturing a monster will require players to be more precise with their options. Players will need to get traps and get monsters to acquire a specific set of health before they give up. On the other hand, players can simply beat monsters into submission, focusing more on the game’s combat. Although, each version has its own advantages and disadvantages that this guide will break down. Should you capture or kill?

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1 Capture or kill creatures in Monster Hunter Rise (which is better)

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These are the pros and cons of selecting to capture or kill a monster.

  • Capture: Using this method is much faster and will give the player more rewards at the end of a mission. Although, players will also need to constantly resupply their inventory with traps and supplies on each mission. This can also prevent players from harvesting certain parts of the monster’s body (tail, horns, etc.). These are usually tied to search targets.
  • Murder: This method takes longer and will not give the player as many rewards in the end. However, players can focus on combat rather than having to micromanage their inventory. It also allows players to harvest their body parts with more time to spare.

Ultimately, casual players who focus more on the story and complete missions will benefit the most from killing monsters, but players who want the best gear and items should capture monsters instead. Trying to be the best in the game is not always everyone’s goal. Sometimes players just want to attack some monsters for the fun of it. The choice is yours.

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Monster hunter rise is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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