Days Gone PC Gameplay and May 18 Release Date Revealed

Developer Bend Studio released a first trailer for the Days Gone game for PC and revealed the release date for the remake on May 18.

Today, developer Bend Studio released the first images of Past days Running on personal computer; The studio also confirmed that this new version will go on sale next month on May 18. Sony announced plans to launch Past days on PC a couple of months ago. In doing so, the publisher also pointed out that the apocalyptic title won’t be the only first part to make the leap to a new platform. However, as of this writing, there is no official information on what other PlayStation exclusive PC gamers can hope to get their hands on.

Past days originally arrived on PS4 in April 2019. As Bend Studio’s first original project since 2007 Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, there was a lot of pressure for the Oregon-based team to deliver. Unfortunately, the open-world adventure went out of the gate due in large part to reviewers receiving a glitch-laden version ahead of their day one patch. Weather Past days became something of a cult hit that eventually made a profit, reports indicate that Sony is not interested in a Past days continuation. However, the property will soon have a new life thanks to the upcoming PC port.

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in a PlayStation Blog post, Bend Studio Online Community Specialist Kevin McAllister announced Past days It will arrive on PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam on May 18. The studio also released a first trailer for the Pacific Northwest adventure game that runs on PC. In particular, the new trailer highlights the various features built into the PC version, including support for 21: 9 ultra-wide monitors, an unlocked frame rate, greater detail, improved foliage drawing distances, andsuper resolution photo mode. “This iteration of the title will also support mouse and keyboard controls, as well as own and third-party gamepads, including Xbox controllers.

Based on the information in the trailer above, it looks like the PC will soon become the ideal place to experiment. Past days. Hopefully, the game’s launch doesn’t suffer from the same issues that plagued Horizon zero dawn‘s PC launch. Guerrilla Games’ celebrated sci-fi RPG endured more than its fair share of growing pains, launching into a broken state with frame rate issues, a litany of graphical mishaps, and game-breaking glitches.

In addition to Past days PC port, Bend Studio has started work on a new project. Once again, rumors suggest that the study’s next effort is not a continuation of Deacon St. John’s journey through the Pacific Northwest, but rather, according to Past days Game Director Jeff Ross, Fans “should never say Never to possibility.

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Past days is available to play now on PS4 and PS5; the personal computer The version hits the Epic Games Store and Steam next month, on May 18.

Fountain: PlayStation Blog

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