DCU Online: Jack Emmert on bringing players to the twisted world of Flashpoint

Dimensional Ink CEO Jack Emmert revealed some of his favorite Flashpoint elements, and why this is the perfect episode to free all players.

DC Universe Online has been active for over ten years, allowing players to create their own heroes and villains within an expansive version of the DC Universe. With the new episode of Flashpoint set to take players into a radical twist on the superhero universe, Jack Emmert, CEO of Dimensional Ink, spoke with CBR about bringing the unique reality to life and the decision behind making it free to all players. . .

In the original Flash point The story of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert, Barry Allen’s attempts to change the past and save his mother result in a ripple effect that changes the entire face of the DC Universe. This twisted new world is protected by an increasingly desperate Cyborg, with a ruthless Batman guarding the streets of Gotham as the world watches with wary eyes as the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman escalates. “I am very excited about Flash pointEmmert explained. For me personally, it is one of my favorite crossover events of all time. And actually, I think it’s the 10th anniversary. Flash point It was an amazing achievement because it presented a story in a world so different from anything DC Comics had done, being able to bring those characters [into the spotlight]. “

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Emmert reflected on these new interpretations of the classic characters, noting that, from his perspective, “Thomas Wayne is fantastic. They took him a bit into the mainstream universe. But what a great character, because there is a Batman that is more driven by rage and pain that even Bruce is. And how the doctor, as a surgeon, approaches being Batman in a different way. And the costume is just amazing … It’s really cool to be able to bring Flashpoint Gotham to life, to be able to see the horizon, to traverse and fight the enemies, go to all the Flashpoint locations we mentioned earlier with Flashpoint Aquaman and Wonder Woman. “

His enthusiasm for the story and the world he created was palpable throughout the interview, Emmert also citing the joy of “seeing Cyborg, really in a role where he was a main hero, that was really, really good. The growing horror, to the dismay of Flash, that he had caused all this, that the world had been destroyed due to the butterfly effect of changing the past, and of course seeing Wonder Woman and Aquaman, seeing the Atlanteans and the Amazons. Fighting is not something anyone could imagine, and yet it is the battle that almost every comic book fan probably hoped to see one day. ” The developers of the new episode even had the opportunity to make their own mark on this reality in their episode, with the notable addition of a corrupted Nightmare Central City and its Rogues Museum.

“Actually,” Emmert revealed, “I can credit our narrative designer 100% of that. This was really her idea that she put together, and playing was just fantastic because you’re in this surreal environment. We do some effects to make you feel. as if you are going through a nightmare and you face the Rogues. And actually, it is a process to get to the bottom of what is happening in Flash point. “One of the different bosses Daybreak made fun of before the episode was released was Heatwave.” Heat Wave is very interestingly written in Flash point that really stands out. I don’t think anyone can read Flash point without really remarking how cool it is. “

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For Emmert, one of the best elements of the Flash point universe is the focus he puts on Barry Allen. “It starred the Flash, and that’s not very typical. Usually the stars of the show are Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman. They really get a lot of focus, but here, Flash has one of the integral parts of the multiverse of DC. And since then Flash point, it’s always been associated with this kind of thing … It’s such an epic story with tremendous characters, but all in a new light, in a different way than you might expect. And so free players who have been playing, who are used to Flash, Heat Wave and other characters, be it from the game world or the Arrowverse, will see something completely different. “

In particular, the Flash point The episode will be free to all players instead of only being available to those with Membership. “It seemed like a great time to do it … Let’s all have fun. Let’s go in and play. Everyone. Let’s remove all barriers and jump to Flash point together and save the world. “Emmert also revealed that” We are really contemplating making a different structure. We are testing and seeing if this free episode really works, but we are also looking at the membership, substantially revamping and updating it for the needs of today’s players, with new benefits. That is another area of ​​great interest.

“I mention this only because it has been a question on the forums. Previously, the episodes were reserved for members only. Otherwise, you would have to buy them. But what we are trying to do is expand the reach of the content and allow a larger community can enjoy it. “

Check out the trailer for “World Of Flashpoint” below.

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