Doctor Who: How Boe’s Face Dies (Even though Captain Jack is Immortal)

In Doctor Who, Captain Jack Harkness becomes the Face of Boe by virtue of being immortal, but the great face eventually dies anyway. Why?

Because Doctor whoDoes the Face of Boe finally meet its end, despite the immortality bestowed during his days as Captain Jack Harkness? On Doctor whoIn the first season under new management, the Ninth Doctor met John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness, a flamboyant rogue time agent with a million-credit smile and a compulsive habit of flirting with anything that moves (and lots of things that probably won’t). Although Jack died fighting the Daleks, he was resurrected by Rose Tyler after she absorbed the heart of the TARDIS, and Jack has been immortal ever since.

Another recurring presence in the Doctor’s life is The Face of Boe, an ancient giant head in a tank who always has wisdom to impart, but in a shocking way. Doctor who At the time of season 3, the Doctor learned that Boe’s Face was Captain Jack’s future. Since this unlikely revelation, Doctor who has left many mysteries of the Face of Boe unsolved. For example, how does a handsome guy like John Barrowman turn into a big face? Perhaps the biggest unanswered question, however, is how Boe’s Face finally dies. Doctor who It clearly shows that Jack is immortal thanks to Rose Tyler, but Boe’s Face eventually dies in “Gridlock”, set during the year 5,000,000,053.

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Doctor who He hasn’t yet addressed why Captain Jack Harkness is finally allowed to die after holding on to life for so long, but a few possibilities can be deduced. First of all, there is the source of Jack’s immortality. Rose Tyler as Bad Wolf is a unique phenomenon – a rare combination of Time Lord energy and human biology that allows Billie Piper to grant Jack his immortality. But the power of the Bad Wolf is still Gallifreyan in nature, and it is well established that the Time Lords can only cheat death for so long. True immortality still eludes them. Because of this, even Captain Jack’s ability to avoid the Grim Reaper must be time-limited. Perhaps it took 4,999,998,050 years (more or less) for Rose’s influence on Jack’s DNA to wear off. And, surely, if one might uses the heart of the TARDIS to escape death permanently, the Master would have already given him a chance.

Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who

If the effects of the time vortex did not disappear naturally, it is possible that the Face of Boe undid them himself. During his millions of years wandering through time and space, Jack may have lost his body from the neck down, but he also learned a few tricks. The Face of Boe communicates through telepathy and possesses such great wisdom that even the Doctor seems like an amateur in comparison. Having gained knowledge and new powers over the millennia, who can say that the Face of Boe did not find a way to release the curse of eternal life and live his remaining days as a mortal being.

A final (and possibly more likely) theory is that the Face of Boe does not die at all, but simply transcends beyond physical form. After Jack is brought back to life for the first time, the Doctor believes that Harkness will never age past his prime. Since it would be difficult to describe a head in a tank as “its prime”, the Doctor was obviously wrong. But Jack’s evolution into an alien noggin isn’t necessarily the end of his life. The next step in Captain Jack Harkness’s eternal transformation could involve becoming a kind of spirit or energy floating in time and space without the body. This would at least explain why the Doctor calls Jack a “fixed point” that can never be completely removed – Boe’s Face of Death is just the beginning of Jack. Next Doctor who chapter.

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