Ed Brubaker says he earns more from his MCU cameo than from co-creating the Winter Soldier

“As a co-creator of Winter Soldier, I shouldn’t have to worry about supporting my wife.”

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Between serving as the axis of the conflict in Captain America: Civil War, a headline lap in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now a lead role in the Disney + series The Falcon and the Winter SoldierIt’s hard to overstate the importance of Bucky Barnes to the MCU. But while Winter Soldier serves as a growing draw for Marvel movies and Disney + series, its creators don’t share that celebration, as a writer. Ed brubaker revealed in Kevin smith Y Marc Bernardin‘s Fatman beyond podcast on Monday. In fact, Brubaker confirmed that he has received more money for the waste of his blink cameo and you will miss it in Captain America: The Winter Soldier of what you have to create the character.

In an interview that covered everything from the release of the Winter Soldier to the 2005 Marvel editorial to why you haven’t seen The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Brubaker detailed a long list of slights that he and the co-creator Steve Epting have received over the years. These include getting off the guest list by Captain America: The Winter Soldier after-party premiere, an insultingly low check for a “Thank You” credit at Captain America: Civil War, and be relegated to the overflow theater by Civil warPremiere of.

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Most importantly, Brubaker and Epting are not hurt by the profits generated by their creation. It’s a common refrain in the comic book world, where “job-for-hire” characters become the anchor of major movie franchises, often leaving their creators out in the cold. It is a subject that has generated countless lawsuits, ranging from the creators of Superman Jerry siegel Y Joe shuster to the creator of Blade Marv wolfman to the creators of Captain America Joe simon Y Jack kirby.

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“As a co-creator of Winter Soldier, I shouldn’t have to worry about supporting my wife,” Brubaker commented. “There’s nothing stopping anyone at Marvel from seeing how much the Winter Soldier has been used in all these things and calling me and Steve Epting and saying, ‘You know what? We’re going to try to adjust the standard so that you guys feel good about this. ‘”

Despite everything, Brubaker reiterates that “he is not bitter” and speaks highly of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Sebastian Stan Y Anthony Mackie, as well as president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

“I knew what I was getting into and I’m not unhappy with my life or writing this,” says Brubaker. “I loved working at Marvel. I had a great time. But at the same time, I also feel, you know, to be a little more generous. Invite us to the after party. ”

Check out the video below to see the full episode of Fatman beyond.

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