Epic Games Store Launches ‘Core’ in Early Access, Allowing Users to Play or Build Thousands of Free Games

This is an important step by Epic towards creating community content.


Thousands of games are available for free on the Epic Games Store with the exclusive launch of the Launcher Center. The title is a platform that offers existing games of all genres as it launches in Early Access today, with the promise of more games joining the collection on a daily basis. That is because Center is also a creation tool, designed to make game creation accessible to any gamer, with an easy-to-use interface to bring your own ideas to life.

Starting today, players will be able to browse through a library of titles created by developers around the world and choose what they want to play among the more than 20,000 options already available on Center from day zero. Manticore Games, the developer and operator of Center, “built Center to open up games to a new wave of creators from all backgrounds. “Your already impressive library should only grow over time because Center will provide all the tools a gamer needs to create and publish their own games, bringing in ~ 200 new titles per day.

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The idea is to offer assets that any player can use to create what they can conceive. Center already offers characters, models, objects, scenes and even logic that anyone can easily combine to bring their own projects to life, all powered by Epic’s Unreal technology, one of the most advanced game engines on the market, often used in titles. AAA. . Center works similar to Dreams, a Playstation exclusive, allowing the community to use their creativity as they see fit, a perfect playground to share their love of games.

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The biggest advantage of Center is that it is on PC, which allows much more flexibility than consoles in terms of creation. The modding community already works wonders on PC with games that don’t claim to be open to community content; therefore, a platform that offers you the direct tools to play is perfect for PC gamers. Another crucial distinction between Dreams Y Center is that the latter intends to offer a monetization system that allows creators to earn money from the games they publish. 50% of all income earned within the Center The platform goes to the creators, making it easy for hobbyist game developers to build their business within the platform.

Center It is also intended to have a marketplace, in order to offer premium assets and allow any player to sell their own add-ons to the base experience. This is a million dollar model that already works well with other game engines, such as Unity, with the difference that Center It is also a game library for those who don’t care about game development. For both players and creators, Center it could become a new landscape that people can use to play, build, share, and earn money. If the project gets enough attention, and if Manticore developers / operators can fully support a project in this high demand, Center it can easily become for games what YouTube is for video content.

Center is now available exclusively on the Epic Games Store. You can check out the game’s launch trailer below:

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