Explanation of the history and world of Icarus

Humanity tried to make Icarus a habitable planet through an ambitious terraforming project, but the discovery of the exotics changed everything.

Information is slowly beginning to leak out to Icarus, a new sci-fi survival game developed by DayZ creator Dean Hall and his studio Rocketwerkz. The game was announced in 2020 and while it immediately started to build buzz, the studio has been quiet about its development. This changed in April when the team released the trailer for the mockumentary “No Rescue” and a 30-minute reveal broadcast of the game with live commentary from the developers.

The game reveals outstanding mechanics like crafting, exploration, and everything else one would expect from other survival games like Oxide Y Valheim. The game operates in so-called sessions, which means that players will have a limited amount of time on the planet Icarus to complete missions, collect resources, and build bases before returning to the space station. However, all of this does not happen in a vacuum, as the world of Icarus has a story to tell.

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When humanity discovered Icarus, an alien world similar to Earth, a mission was undertaken to terraform the planet in order to sustain human life. The mission was going pretty well, at least well enough to support some animals like bears and deer, as well as trees and plants. Sadly, as the trailer reveals, it wasn’t long before this mission fell apart.

How could the story of the new survival game Icarus be

The initial purpose of going to Icarus was to terraform the planet. It was going quite well, with biologists like forests starting to emerge and biologists were able to successfully introduce Earth’s modified wildlife that quickly adapted to the alien world. This seemed to go wrong at some point due to the discovery of Exotics, a rare and valuable resource found nowhere else. It is still unclear how the exotics were able to interfere with an initially successful planet-wide terraforming effort. On No ransom, one of the searchers of the first interviewed cohort said that the exotics “fucked up with the enzymes “ but does not give more details. Another prospector offers his perspective by asking the question “Doesn’t it seem like a coincidence that they declared the planet uninhabitable just as they discovered the most valuable material in the universe?“From this perspective, the planet can be habitable and the terraforming effort was going well until this rare resource was found and an interstellar gold rush was ignited.

However, what is never answered is what exactly are exotics. Members of the First Cohort continue to talk about its value and how it differs on Icarus versus on Earth: In the harsh world of Icarus, you can get scouts a better suit or rifle, but on Earth it has seemingly indescribable value. . Alien species can be of great value due to their scarcity and variety of applications, but some have the potential to be toxic or even radioactive to organic cells. For now, however, the exotics remain a mystery that will take time to unravel.

No ransom He was able to provide a great deal of knowledge, but he also raised quite a few questions. One question in particular concerns the fate of Moe, a biologist who was also part of the terraforming team and whom the First Cohort had to leave behind. As the central character in the story intro, will Moe be part of the story experience in the game or was this the conclusion of his journey? With Icarus Scheduled to launch sometime in 2021, these questions will be answered soon.

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