Hasbro’s GI Joe Toy Team in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins & The Move to Six Inch Scale

GI Joe ruled the toy aisles just under 4 “tall. For Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins, the line jumps to 6” and the team behind it couldn’t be happier.

The recent Hasbro Fan Pulse event was a parade of announcements for fans of all brands, but GI Joe fans received a special treat. Two new lines of figures linked to the upcoming film were exhibited on the line. Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins – tickets to the premium GI Joe ranked line that strives for high articulation and movie precision, as well as a new centerline aimed at children.

The new mainline is a beautiful series of toys with some incredible play features, but some fans may be surprised by the size – they’re in the six-inch range, more in line with Marvel Legends than classic GI Joe figures. CBR had the opportunity to speak to the creative minds behind the line about the importance of the GI Joe brand and why the new line differs from the traditional GI Joe size in favor of a more modern look.

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For context, GI Joe ruled the pegs in toy stores with his trademark on a small scale for more than a decade. Although it debuted in the 1960s as a line of 12-inch figures, the line was relaunched in 1982 as GI Joe: a true American hero on the 3 ¾ “scale and worked until 1994. However, that small form factor isn’t the only thing that Design Manager Leonard Panzica cites as the reason for the line’s success.

Panzica told CBR, “GI Joe was not the first 3 ¾ figure.” There are many other lines like Micronauts that really started it all. GI Joe just took it to the next level. Those figures are super articulated at the moment; because of the size, the articulation of those things, it’s incredible. “

This is why it can be so surprising to see the new series of GI Joe figures designed to fit in with this summer’s movie. The main line is explicitly aimed at children and features iconic and bright designs that blend costumes from the movie with those from classic cartoons. However, they are also on the six-inch scale. However, Leonard doesn’t think this is an unusual move for GI Joe. In fact, he says it is just a signal from the market.

“I think he’s playing with trends right now. Currently, the trend in Marvel and Star Wars is 6” lines with a lot of good products. You know, my daughter just gave me a Spider-Man today … I just bought a Spider-Gwen, and she said, ‘You have Spider-Gwen, so you need a Spider-Man to play with. I think there is something to be said for the trend. If it can be added to a child’s toy box, it’s a great way to introduce them to GI Joe. They can have a superhero, they can have a Jedi, they can have any of these other markings, but they don’t have a military type or a ninja type. A GI Joe is one of the characters you want to be on that scale once you choose one. Then you start introducing them to our brand. “

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Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing and Products Ben Montano said: “I think there are two other layers. One is that we hope the kids feel like they are playing with the ‘big boy’ versions, which are also 6.” scale. There’s a familiarity to them, there’s more detail and weaponry and everything in between, so it feels more like a ‘big boy’ toy. The other layer is that 3 ¾ “means a lot to the history and legacy of the GI Joe brand. Obviously, we want to continue to bring new things to the table, but that scale has a place in the brand. To advance this brand and present to the next generation to GI Joe, we thought 6 “then hopefully graduate those kids from the Classified line on the road. It just made a lot of sense this time. “

The transition to larger scales is something GI Joe struggled with for a long time. Modern fans may recall the mild controversy in 1995 when the Real american hero line evolved to GI Joe Extreme. Replacing the simple and hyper-articulated figures with exaggerated musculature, chunky accessories and only five points of articulation, GI Joe Extreme failed to catch up with fans at the time. Since then, GI Joe has experimented with various other lines and scales, such as the 8 ” Sigma 6 line, before going back to the classic Real american hero stopover for the 25th anniversary in 2007.

Today, however, it is a bear market for GI Joe enthusiasts. Hasbro started the awesome GI Joe ranked in 2020, a series of 6 “collectible figures that successfully modernized many of the originals True american hero designs. At the same time, they launched the Retro GI Joe Collection, which updated and relaunched the classic Real american hero line on the 3 ¾ “scale with premium accessories and retro cards. And for those who wish to get their hands on more than Retro GI Joe CollectionBen Montano wants fans to know not to worry about the future of that line.

“Our focus at Fan Fest was to celebrate the news of the motion picture coming up in July and celebrate the eclectic and diverse cast in an incredible product line. We have many months left this year and many opportunities to talk about that. “

Directed by Robert Schwentke, Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins stars Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, Andre Koji as Storm Shadow, Iko Uwais as Hard Master, Úrsula Corberó as Baroness, and Samara Weaving as Scarlett. The film hits theaters on July 23.

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