Popular psychological horror series Higurashi: When they cry it has many forms of media. From the original visual novels to the manga, various anime and even live action adaptations, there is something for every fan. The series continues to evolve with the latest anime installment, Higurashi Gou, which was released in 2020.

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However, the manga series is particularly well received and has its own unique designs that include different artists for each arc, a detailed story, good pacing, complex and personable characters, and a high degree of precision in visual novels. Every arc has its fans, and while some score higher than others, they’re worth reading.

Note: Due to the nature of the series, some entries will contain spoilers.

This series deals with mature themes such as violence, abuse and death. Please use discretion when reading.

10 The completely different world in the dice killing arc intrigues readers (BAD score 7.74)

In the Bow of the Dice Slaying, Rika enjoys her everyday life to the fullest after achieving victory and surviving to see the end of June 1983. However, when she is involved in a sudden accident and wakes up in a new world, Rika must decide if she wants to return. to your old world, or give it up forever and embrace the new in its place. This arc turns everything fans know about Hinamizawa upside down, including important details like Rena’s name. It also answers many of the remaining questions in the series, such as who is Frederica Bernkastel.

9 Readers will have many questions when reading the Beyond Midnight arc (BAD score 7.80)

Higurashi When They Cry Beyond Midnight Arc Cover and image of adult Mion

In a possible world in which the Hinamizawa disaster takes place, Mion wanders through the village many years later in the Beyond the midnight arc, this time, with a new group of travelers seeking refuge. However, around him strange events are taking place and nothing adds up. With a missing car, a murder, and records showing Mion should be dead, suspicions are high. This manga is one of the many possible outcomes of the Arc of Atonement. With its air of mystery and lingering questions throughout the story, readers will find it difficult to leave the manga.

8 Twists and turns keep readers guessing at the arc that exposes the demon (BAD score 7.89)

Higurashi when they cry demon exposing the cover of the arch and the image of Natsumi

The Demons exhibition Bow follows a new character, Natsumi, who moved to the city from Okinomiya, near Hinamizawa. Everything is going well for her until the Hinamizawa Disaster strikes, and Natsumi’s grandmother suddenly starts acting strange. Natsumi is engulfed in a world of horror when her grandmother does her best to appease the god Oyashiro-sama.

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Fans enjoy the horror aspects of this story, the beautiful art, and the many twists and turns that keep readers guessing until the end. This two-volume set will remind readers why they love it Higurashi.

7 The sudden arrival of a police officer can change Rika’s fate in The Time Killing arc (MAL Score 7.95)

Higurashi When They Cry Time Killing Arc Manga cover and image of Rika and Akasaka

The Killing time Bow is a prequel to the main events of the Higurashi universe, that is, the events leading up to the Watanagashi Festival and Rika’s death. This arc follows Akasaka, a costumed officer who visits the rural village and meets a young Rika. As Akasaka finds out about her case, she also learns a lot about Rika, who seems to know more than she is letting on. This arc gives readers a better understanding of Rika’s character and her story with parallel worlds. It also contains many clues to solve the Hinamizawa puzzle.

6 Satoko’s past is revealed in The Curse Killing arc (BAD score 8.10)

Higurashi When They Cry Curse Killing Arc Manga Cover and Image of Satoko

The Curse Slaughter Bow delves into Satoko’s story, sharing her past with the reader. As Keiichi settles into his new life in Hinamizawa, Satoko suddenly starts acting strange. When the suspicion arises that she is being abused by her uncle, Keiichi will stop at nothing to save Satoko before she breaks down. This arc shows Satoko’s past as she loses her upbeat and friendly nature and becomes shy and closed. As Satoko loses hope and nears her breaking point, her friends band together to save her by any means necessary.

5 The Abducted By Demons arc continues to be highly regarded by readers (BAD score 8.19)

Higurashi when they cry abducted by demons Cover of the arch and image of Rena at the entrance

The first arc of the Higurashi series and the setting arc for the anime, Kidnapped by demons It is told from Keiichi’s point of view as he adapts to Hinamizawa. What starts out as a fun-filled new life suddenly takes a turn when Keiichi’s new friends Rena and Mion seem to be hiding something from him.

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When Keiichi begins to question Hinamizawa’s true nature, Rena and Mion start acting strangely, causing Keiichi to wonder if they really are his friends or if they are his enemies. This arc holds a special place for many fans as their first introduction to the series and leaves readers with many unanswered questions, deepening the mystery of Hinamizawa.

4 Drifting cotton bow adds depth to the Sonozaki sisters (BAD score 8.22)

Higurashi When They Cry Cotton Drifting Arc Manga Cover and Image of Mion

The Cotton drift bow it is recounted once more from Keiichi’s perspective. However, this time the story focuses on Keiichi’s interactions with the Sonozaki twins, Mion and Shion. Along with Shion, Takano, and Tomitake, Keiichi breaks into a forbidden area during the Watanagashi festival, an action said to result in Oyashiro-sama’s curse on those responsible. When Takano and Tomitake suddenly disappear and Keiichi’s fear of revealing his transgression to his friends isolates him, will he and Shion fall under Oyashiro-sama’s curse, or will they be saved?

3 Takano Miyo’s life is revealed in the arc accompanying the festival (BAD score 8.24)

Higurashi When They Cry Festival accompanying the cover of the arch and Takano's image

The Arch that accompanies the festival is the sequel to the Bow of Massacre and is the last and longest of the response arcs in the Higurashi Serie. It is divided into two parts: the first follows the story of Takano Miyo from childhood to the present, and the many cases of abuse he suffered when he lost his parents and found himself in an orphanage. The arc gives the reader a much-needed insight into the character of Takano before moving on to Rika’s story. Rika learns that this world is her last chance to fight for her life, and she is determined to achieve happiness and see the past June 1983. This arc answers all remaining questions and marks the end of Rika’s long journey.

two Rena, the fan favorite character, is determined to find answers in the arc of atonement (BAD score 8.31)

Higurashi When They Cry Atonement Cover of the arc and image of Keiichi and Rena

The Bow of atonement from Higurashi Follow the point of view of fan-favorite character Rena and share much of her backstory with the reader. When Rena’s father becomes entangled with a woman who extorts him and puts his life at risk, Rena is not afraid to take steps to protect her family. However, in Hinamizawa, nothing is what it seems and Rena finds herself involved in something much bigger than herself. While the anime adapted this arc along with the question arcs in season 1, Atonement is actually one of the answer arcs, giving fans various clues and some early answers about the truth of Hinamizawa.

1 Readers can’t decide which one is superior between the slaughter arc and the telltale arc (BAD score 8.32)

Higurashi when they mourn the slaughter arc and the covers of the eye opening arc and images of Rika and Shion

The most popular manga bow in the world Higurashi series is actually a tie with the Bow of Massacre and the Bow that opens the eyes sharing first place with a score of 8.32. The Bow of Massacre focuses on Rika’s point of view as she battles her destiny once again. However, problems seem to keep popping up in this world, and Rika struggles as she desperately fights her fate. The Bow that opens the eyes tells the story of Shion, giving insight into his childhood and how he became one of the most feared characters in the series. She also fills in her backstory before meeting Keiichi, during her time with Satoshi, who eventually disappeared, leaving her with many questions and no answers. When Keiichi arrives at Hinamizawa, he brings changes with him and Shion’s life will never be the same again.

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