We can say that Death Note It is one of the most iconic Japanese anime ever produced. The reason this dark and fanciful story about a teenage tech genius turned dark divine vigilante captured the imagination of manga enthusiasts is because the series offers a very succinct ethical commentary in a rather simplistic way.

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The series is also famous for some of its monologues and exchanges that are not only dramatic but also full of energy. It helps that the characters are so developed, which really adds an edge to each personal arc. These are some of the most iconic lines of Death Note:

10 I would create a new world of kind and serious human beings

These words spoken by Light Yagami to Ryuk actually describe him as someone with a clumsy idea of ​​a better world. Light aspired to create a kind of “perfect” world with good humans, not realizing that his vision actually makes him a killer in his own right.

Although later in the series Light adapts an awareness of himself, he also suffers from a god complex as he is believed to be above all others.

9 Laws are not perfect, because the human beings who created laws are not perfect

These words are spoken by Light’s father, Soichiro, who prides himself on his sense of duty. He is a police officer and at one point led the Japanese Task Force. But Soichiro is also a complex man, and despite having put his job above his family all his life, he understands that human-made laws can only do so much.

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This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in the powers of justice, but ultimately, he takes justice into his own hands when he kidnaps his son Light and his girlfriend Misa Amane to prove Light’s innocence.

8 In this world, there is only good and bad

Teru Mikami from Death Note

Of course, Death Note unravels many layers of this argument and this sentiment does not describe the essence of the manga series. But Mikami’s quote sheds light on her rather extreme perspective on good and evil.

It is also important to note that unlike Light, who has many nuances to her character, Mikami wanted to use her powers to establish her own brand of justice over anyone who has done wrong, as she does not believe in redemption or the change.

7 Someone has to do it, why not me?

Light’s full quote as part of his monologue was: “This world is rotten, and those who are rotting it deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me? “

These lines explain Light’s perspective effortlessly; He was a teenager driven by heartache and for him, his schedule was completely justified, especially after he found the notebook and realized his superpowers that made it easier for him to believe that he was the one.

6 Keep telling the truth. Especially when it comes to the things people are hesitant to mention.

Soichiro yagami

Soichiro struggled to find the truth about Kira’s identity and obviously his helplessness as a father could be understood. So his advice to Matsuda spoke to readers on many levels because Soichiro is a man of the law and has spent his entire life prioritizing his work over his family.

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But after Light became Kira, he set out to uncover the truth when he realized that worldly justice couldn’t help him save his son.

5 Death is the same

L in the anime Death Note.

“There is no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you are alive, they all go to the same place once you die. Death is the same, ”Detective L said on the show.

These words may sound familiar because ‘Death comes to us all equally’ by the poet John Donne, is already quite famous and echoes the same sentiment as L’s line. Even though L fought on the side of the human kingdom, he had very little respect for the sanctity of human lives, which made him a truly effective truth seeker.

4 All humans die the same

Ryuk from Death Note

Ryuk’s words actually draw a parallel between how he and L perceive death. Interestingly, they both think of death as an equalizer, however, L’s approach is cold and unsentimental, while for Ryuk, death is a weapon.

Use the mythology around death to draw people to the dark side. “All humans die the same, the place they go after death is not decided by a god, it is Mu,” Ryuk said.

3 I am justice – Light

Light Yagami from Death Note

The issue of justice is fundamental to Death Note; the manga series relies heavily on how different characters define justice. Light, for example, sees himself as the “decision maker”, or someone who, like a god, can decide someone’s fate based on their actions.

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His monologue “I Am Justice” highlights his twisted sense of justice. Interestingly, Light and L aren’t that different, but it’s Light’s ego imbalance that makes him so intimidating as he is anti-hero.

two If they catch Kira, he’s evil. If Kira rules the world, he is justice

This line is actually even more poignant than it sounds because it sums up the spirit of the series. Light considered himself above human law, even more so after becoming Kira.

So, in essence, he believes that being Kira is what legitimizes his actions regardless of how wrong they are, so he believed that if Kira becomes the god of the new world, he will have the last word on what is fair and what not.

1 Sometimes the questions get complicated. The answers are simple

L Lawliet is not someone who thinks too much, in fact he is quite clear about his priorities. His cold and calculating approach to his duties also steers him away from ethical dilemmas because, unlike many characters in Death Note, L has very clear answers to what he wants.

He wants to catch the serial killer Kira and end his reign. The issue is complex, but the answer is simple.

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