Infinity War: 5 ways Thanos was justified (and 5 times he went too far)

The Snap is probably the most devastating thing that has happened in the MCU thus far and is treated as a tragic and catastrophic event, even in follow-up movies like Avengers Endgame Y Spider-Man: Far from home. At the center of that snap was none other than the snapper, Thanos.

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In theory, Thanos’ actions, including Snap himself, were well-intentioned. After all, it’s rare that villains actually try to be or believe they are the bad guys. Villains often think they are doing the right thing and Thanos is no different, which is why the MCU fanbase is so divided with him. Some believe that his actions are justified and, theoretically, he did nothing wrong. Others think the exact opposite.

10 Too far: wiped out half the population

This should probably be the first thing to do here, as it’s probably the first thing most naysayers will point to to discredit Thanos and his actions. Perhaps rightly so, as there is no way to spin this one.

Regardless of whether readers love or hate Thanos, regardless of whether they defend or despise his actions, the fact remains that half the population of the universe was wiped out. The situation left many families devastated and several survivors with severe PTSD with their loved ones disappeared.

9 Justified: nature heals


It is no secret how overpopulation has contributed to nature being damaged, as well as how some humans have chosen to treat the environment. But it seems that some aspects of The Snap have led to the healing of nature in the MCU.

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On Avengers Endgame, there’s a scene where Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff are talking, and Rogers says that while crossing the Hudson River, he saw a lot of whales while crossing the bridge because now, “there are fewer boats [and] cleaner water ”. It is a subtle line that implies the benefits for The Snap.

8 Too Far: Kill Vision Twice

Well Thanos didn’t kill Vision the first time, that honor goes to Scarlet Witch in hopes of trying to avoid the inevitable, but by using the Time Stone to undo the first death, he forced Vision to experience two deaths in one span. of time. seconds before retrieving the Mind Stone.

What makes this altercation worse is not Thanos killing Vision, but forcing Wanda to watch her partner die twice, again, within seconds. It was hard enough for her to have to kill her lover herself and watch him die, but making her see him twice is one of the cruelest things Thanos does in this franchise.

7 Justified: Reduction of populations worked before

One thing that is often forgotten or at least overlooked is the fact that Thanos has tried a plan like this before and it worked. He didn’t come up with this plan out of nowhere. He executed it years before on Gamora’s home planet, Zen-Whoberi.

There is a scene in Infinity war where Thanos reminds his adopted daughter that their planet was “on the brink of collapse” before he arrived to exterminate half the population. Without overcrowding, children no longer had to fight for scarce supplies or food, being born into “nothing but full stomachs and clear skies.” Suddenly, there was a lot. When she tells him that his people were happier before he murdered half of them, he claims that it was simply a small price to pay for salvation. “Maybe he was right.

6 Too far: he killed his daughter

Hoping to preserve life for the rest of the universe, Thanos overlooked the one thing that should have mattered more to him: his family. Of course, he was never so happy about being Father of the Year when he kidnapped his two daughters from their home planets and traumatized them growing up into killing machines, but Thanos still loved them as if he had given birth to them.

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However, in order to obtain his precious soul stone, he showed little hesitation when he realized that he needed to kill Gamora to get what he wanted.

5 Justified: He saw what happened to his own planet

In the comics, Thanos is largely the proponent and cause of the destruction of his home planet, Titan, when he bombarded everything upon his return. MCU fans will see that this is not the same case in the movies. There, it is revealed that the movie Thanos saw his home planet reduced to a barren wasteland after an apocalyptic event.

It is not difficult to at least understand why such a tragedy could lead him to want to use the Infinity Stones to prevent the rest of the universe from suffering a similar fate.

4 Too Far: Torture Nebula

As stated above, Thanos was never a contender for father of the year and that fact is no more clearly depicted than in his scenes with his other daughter, Nebula. Most of the time when the two of them share the screen together, Thanos is doing something horrible to his daughter.

On Infinity war he is seen directly torturing his daughter, while in the Endgame sequel, he’s pretty much doing the same thing to unlock his memories. If sacrificing Gamora for an Infinity Stone was wrong, then this could be worse.

3 Justified: Killed all major villains

For one thing, all of these villain deaths could simply be seen as Thanos removing obstacles that happened to be in his way or villains that could pose a threat to him in the future. So in that sense, it’s hard to say he did a good thing when doing it right wasn’t his intention, but at least he eliminated the men who might one day pose a greater threat to the world.

Those men are, in this franchise, The Collector and Loki, the latter of whom went through a redemption arc, but as the trailer for his new series suggests, Trickster will still live up to his old tricks and could have done worse earlier if Thanos hadn’t killed him.

two Too Far: Destroying the Stones After All

After everything he did to obtain the Infinity Stones and all the damage he caused by using them, Thanos still chose to destroy them all before The Avengers chose to kill him in the next movie. Worse still is the pleasure he takes in telling them before Thor beheads him.

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Sure, their mission was accomplished, so it’s not like destroying them made their mission useless. What makes him embarrassing is the fact that he could still have used the Stones to prevent other unnecessary evils in the universe or help him more, but instead, perhaps just to annoy his rivals, he tarnishes the most powerful artifacts in the galaxy.

1 Justified: The Snap ameliorated America’s Worst Problems

As mentioned in the introduction, the Thanos’ Snap sequels have been covered in much of the MCU follow-up media, but more recently, The Snap (also called The Blip) has been covered and reacted to over the course of The hawk and the winter soldier, where it has been revealed that The Snap ameliorated the US border control problem.

With half the population missing, the borders between countries were suddenly not so strict, displaced citizens were no longer forced to leave their homes, and millions of empty homes were available to those who needed them.

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