Inuyasha’s 10 Strongest Villains, Ranked

Translated to television by Rumiko Takahashi from the manga series he wrote and illustrated from 1996 to 2008, Inuyasha remains one of the most popular Japanese anime series of all time. This beloved television show brings Inuyasha’s rich cast of characters to life as the heroic half-demon attempts to obtain a majestic and powerful jewel and save the universe from destruction.

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One of the most memorable aspects of the manga and television series is the wide range of powerful villains that Inuyasha is forced to face in his quest for universal salvation. While many have powers inferior to Inuyasha’s, one or two have even stronger supernatural abilities.

10 Jaken

Jaken with bug eyes on Inuyasha

While Jaken appears as a non-threatening toad with large insect eyes, the opposing imp has more strength than he shows. After being rescued from a demonic attack by his almighty master Sesshomaru, Jaken turned into an evil minion willing to do whatever was asked of him.

Jaken’s powers include the ability to manipulate a fire-emitting staff called Nintojo. While he rarely engages in battle, Jaken’s ultimate strength comes from his loyalty to Sesshomaru, who protects his Lilliputian sidekick at all costs.

9 Goshinki

Inuyashi fights Goshinki in Inuyasha

As the third incarnation of the almighty Naraku (stay tuned), Goshinki was a ruthlessly enemy demon who once slaughtered a village of children while playing games and taunting his victims in the process.

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Goshinki’s inherent strengths include superhuman speed and strength, as well as the ability to read people’s minds. He uses this last ability to scare his victims by bringing out their deepest fears before attacking them. Physically imposing, the gigantic demon dwarfs Inuyasha.

8 Kagura

Kagura looks off screen at Inuyasha

As Naraku’s second evil manifestation (following in his weaker sister Kanna’s footsteps), Kagura is one of Inuyasha’s most formidable enemies in the animated series. Despite her hatred for Naraku, Kagura coldly manipulates humans for her own benefit.

Kagura’s strengths include controlling the power of the wind, which she uses to her advantage to defeat her enemies. Kagura can transform her hairpins into a feather-like flying device. He can also summon a whirlwind of swords to fight, reanimate zombies to fight on his behalf or to use as shields, and he can take advantage of tornadoes to destroy his enemies.

7 Bankotsu

Bankotsu holds Banryu over his shoulder at Inuyasha

As the leader of the Gang of Seven, Bankotsu has proven to be one of Inuyasha’s strongest auxiliary villains. Despite being a normal human devoid of demonic powers, Bankotsu makes up for it with a number of unique abilities and strengths.

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Bankotsu’s inherent abilities include wielding the Banryu, a massive dragon beast that uses the Shikon Jewel fragments to channel fireballs and lightning bolts to attack enemies. After killing his 1000th demon, the Banryu transforms into a mystical sword with incomparable powers. Even as a melee combatant without his Banryu, Bankotsu nearly defeated Inuyasha.

6 Hakudoshi

Hakudoshi facing the clouds in Inuyasha

As the second evil iteration of Naraku, Hakudoshi is one of the most evil and menacing villains in the entire series. When he’s not summoning demon rats on his villainous rival Kikyo, Hakudoshi enjoys wielding his signature Naginata weapon.

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The Naginata is a large stick with a rounded blade on each side that is used to kill demonic enemies. Furthermore, Hakudoshi’s strengths stem from his ability to fly on his demon horse named Entei, heal himself quickly by regenerating skin cells, and creating defense barriers similar to Naraku’s.

5 Moryomaru

Moryomaru captures enemies in Inuyasha

Also known as the Perfect Monster, Moryomaru is a villainous golem created by The Infant to take down Naraku and Inuyasha. With a sensitive piece of impenetrable armor, Moryomaru can absorb demonic energy to become stronger.

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While he fails to absorb Sesshomaru, Moryomaru was strong enough to break the mighty villain’s sword in the process. Along with regeneration and armor abilities, Moryomaru uses the deadly Kongosoha Spears to defeat his enemies.

4 Magatsuhi

Magatsuhi floats in the sky in Inuyasha

Summoned to the earthly realm through the flesh of Naraku, Magatsuhi literally serves as the evil spirit of Jewel Shikon. His many strengths include being the sole villainous survivor of Miroku’s deadly wind tunnel.

Magatsuhi’s evil attributes also include changing shape from a floating head with red eyes in the underworld to a human with long hair in the living world. Often mistaken for the series’ ultimate villain, Magatsuhi functions more as Naraku’s evil right-hand man.

3 Kikyo

kikyo uses a quiver of arrows on Inuyasha

As the first love of Inuyasha, the former guardian of Jewel Shikon and current high priestess, Kikyo is a character that evolves from protagonist to antagonist during the anime series. However, no matter her goal, Kikyo wields enormous power.

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In addition to being a master archer, Kikyo has the ability to collect and purify human souls. She was able to survive Naraku’s attacks after he pushed her into a pool of miasma and then punched a hole in her chest. When she is resurrected by Urasue, Kikyo nearly defeats Naraku.

two Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru looks evil on Inuyasha

As the immensely powerful thoroughbred demon and Inuyasha’s older brother, Sesshomaru ranks among the two strongest villains in the entire series.

Sesshomaru’s supernatural abilities include mastery of the sword, superhuman speed, strength and durability, enhanced senses, immortality, rapid regeneration, teleportation, and telekinesis. Wield a poisonous whip, an animated skin weapon named Mokomoko-Sama, and a poisonous claw named Dokkasou. Sesshomaru can also transform into his Demon Dog form and overpower enemies to obtain Shikon Jewel Shards.

1 Naraku

Naraku holds an energy ball at Inuyasha.

As Inuyasha’s number one arch enemy, Naraku is the strongest villain in the animated series. In addition to his unmatched intellect and masterful manipulation skills, Naraku combines brilliant strategy with a variety of supernatural abilities to wreak havoc.

Naraku’s powers include black magic, expert swordplay, the ability to manipulate demonic entities such as a hive of infernal wasps, hover and fly, shapeshift, absorb demonic energy, physical replication, superhuman strength, speed, regeneration, and immortality. Naraku can also wield the full range of psionics, create defense barriers, project energy, radiate noxious fumes, create ghost castles to serve as headquarters, and use spider webs to aid his spider form.

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