The cast and fans of Kim’s Convenience are heartbroken over its recent cancellation. Here’s what’s known about his Season 6 renewal chances.

Appa said “OK see you!“for the last time, or is there hope for a makeover for the beloved family comedy Kim’s convenience? Here’s what is currently known about the show’s cancellation and the possibility of Kim’s Convenience season 6.

Kim’s Convenience debuted on CBC Television in 2016 and focuses on a Toronto convenience store run by the Kim family: Sang-Il “Appa” Kim (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), Yong-mi “Umma” Kim (Jean Yoon) , his daughter. Janet (Andrea Bang) and her son Jung (Simu Liu), who is separated from the family at the beginning of the series. More than five seasons Kim’s convenience He found heart and humor in the dynamics of his Korean-Canadian titular family and the friends and neighbors who pass the store.

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The final episode of Kim’s convenience Season 5 aired on April 13, 2021, just a month after news broke that the show had been canceled and its fifth season would be its last. With other sitcoms like One day at a time Y Brooklyn nine nine saved after cancellation, it could Kim’s convenience get a similar pardon? This is what we know.

Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Renewal

Kim's Convenience Appa

While shows are often canceled due to ratings or network policies, the decision to cancel Kim’s convenience was made by the producers due to the departure of co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White, who now move on to other projects. Without Choi and White, the producers stated, “We have come to the difficult conclusion that we cannot deliver another season with the same heart and quality that has made the show so special.. “

According to Kim’s convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, both CBC and the show’s cast were eager to make season 6 a reality. Talking to him Calgary heraldSaid Lee, “We got the cast together, talked about it, and decided we were going to do it.“However, attempts to convince Choi to come back failed when, according to Lee, the co-creator of the series”ghost” he:

“I’m really hurt by that, to be honest. I mean, I was there almost from the beginning when he was developing the play. I did the workshops for the play. He wrote the role of Appa with my voice in mind. We’ve been through it. a lot together in this whole trip. “

Kim’s convenience It started out as a play written by and starring Ins Choi, and is based on his own family and life growing up in Toronto. The semi-autobiographical nature of the show means that replacing Choi as a co-creator is not as simple as getting another Korean showrunner on board, and instead the decision was made to end season 5 instead of trying to continue without Choi.

What Simu Liu Said About Kim’s Convenience Season 6

Simu Liu at Kim's Convenience

Liu spoke for the first time about the cancellation of Kim Convenience in March 2021, after the news broke. In a statement posted on Twitter, he said he was “heartbroken” and had been “hoping to return for our sixth season. “Not only had he wanted the opportunity to properly conclude Jung’s story arc, he also wanted to participate in the writing of the series and direct an episode.

One month later, before Kim’s convenience final broadcast of season 5, Liu he went back to Twitter to say he was “still pretty fucking mad” Y “all deserved a fitting ending.“He also alluded to”tea and receipts“which he’s saving to himself (for now) regarding the cancellation. Liu’s next lead role in the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings will undoubtedly bring a new bingeing audience to Kim’s convenienceBut that may not help your chances of renewal if your cancellation was prompted by a creative outlet rather than ratings.

Kim’s Convenience Season 6 Story: What’s Left To Say?

The comfort of Kim Appa and Jung

Kim’s convenience season 5 ends on a low-key note. Shannon and Kimchee have dinner with the Kims at their home, and after saying goodbye to their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Kim go around the “CLOSED” sign, turn off the store lights, and head to bed. The ending definitely has a sense of purpose, but there is also potentially a lot of story to tell.

For Liu, the most important story left unsolved was Jung’s relationship with Appa, who has been through a long and difficult journey toward healing. After getting into trouble with the police as a teenager and being sentenced to juvenile detention, Jung left his family home and did not set foot in Kim’s comfort or speak to his father for many years, although he covertly maintained a connection. with Umma and Janet. By the end of season 5, Jung and Appa have forged a tentative peace, and it is even suggested that Jung might take over the store when Mr. and Mrs. Kim retire. Jung decides not to do it, but it is unclear exactly what he wants to do instead. As Liu said:

“It hurts that we will never see the complete reconciliation between Jung and Appa. It hurts that we will never see Jung discover what he wants to do with this life. Above all, it hurts that we will never see the Kims all together as a family, saying goodbye to the winery that has defined his path as an immigrant. “

Release date and story for Kim’s convenience spin-off

The convenience of Kim Shannon

Even if Kim’s convenience may be over, CBC is doing a Kim’s convenience spin-off called Street. The show will be set in Hamilton and will focus on Shannon (Nicole Power), who broke up with Jung in the season 5 finale and declared her intention to leave Handy Cars and expand somewhere new. While there was a backlash to the only non-Korean main character in Kim’s convenience being the character to get a spin-off, Street will at least leave open the possibility of guest appearances by other cast members. Street is currently filming and will premiere on CBC’s 2021-2022 broadcast season.

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