Marvel: 10 strangest friendships in Thor and Loki comics

Marvel has put some weird alliances in the comics over the years, but when mythological and galactic characters from the Thor and Loki stories are brought into the mix, there are some really weird relationships that form between these heroes and villains.

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These friendships can be strange on a number of levels, from the surprise of secret siblings to completely alternative ideologies or the strange nature in which the friendship arose in the first place. Needless to say, these tales from Asgard may be strange and outlandish, but they have also produced some of Marvel’s most poignant and hilarious associations.

10 Honorable mention: Angela and the Asgardians

Marvel Strikeforce Angela Cover Art

Angela’s story in the comics is complicated. Originally appearing in the Appear comics, she would be the subject of a legal battle between creators Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, which finally won the latter. He sold his rights to Marvel Comics after this.

Angela was brought to Marvel as something of a villain, an attacking angel who would later turn out to be Thor’s sister. Their eventual friendship is strange on several levels, but in a very meta sense, it’s strange to see this comic creation as part of Thor and Marvel mythology after originating elsewhere.

9 Thor, Loki and Balder

Balder The Brave in Marvel comics

Speaking of siblings, the three main siblings in Thor’s comics are the god of thunder, Loki, and Balder. There are many differences between this trio, but they remain friends despite everything that has happened over the years.

Loki’s friendship with Thor, in particular, is one of the most complex in all of comic book history. They have fought again and again, but at the end of the day, they are still family. It’s strange to see the three of them together, although Loki has manipulated Balder on more than one occasion.

8 Sorceress and the executioner

Skurge-Executioner and Enchantress Marvel

Introduced to the MCU in Thor: Ragnarok, Although he didn’t get much screen time, the Executioner found himself serving Hela in a role similar to the one in the comics. However, in the original material, it is Enchantress that he befriends and works with.

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This is a strange alliance fueled by the Executioner’s deep desire for Enchantress. The sorceress has created this friendship due to her own powers of manipulation, but the association definitely works in her favor as she has a bodyguard to protect her from brutes like Thor.

7 The Asgardians of the Galaxy

Although fans are eagerly awaiting this appropriately named team in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3, The comics have already shown why this is one of the weirdest groups ever formed. The idea of ​​the squad was for these deities to protect the galaxy from imminent threats.

The team consists of characters like Angela, Throg, Thunderstrike, and Kid Loki among others, which is one of the weirdest collections of people in comics. These friendships shouldn’t work considering the strange corners of the galaxy that each hero (or anti-hero) comes from, but somehow the team works in a (mostly) friendly way.

6 Donald blake and jane foster

Donald Blake has been Thor’s human identity for some time. However, during a story, the two beings parted ways, resulting in two distinct personalities. During the comics, Jane Foster also takes part in Odinson’s identity, becoming the new Mighty Thor.

These two would bond and form a strong friendship, one that doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It’s as if two sides of Thor’s personality have come out and are now interacting with each other; bring the real Odinson into this and it’s an even more complicated friendship.

5 Moonstar and the Valkyrie

Champion of the life of Dani Moonstar

Danielle Moonstar has had many names in her career. She was best known to fans as Mirage, a member of the New Mutants. This world of the X-Men rarely intersects with that of the Asgardians, so it was strange to see Moonstar join the Valkyries.

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She would become one of the few outsiders who were able to join the group. Eventually, she would resign when her powers wore off, though she has since stood her ground as a friend of the Valkyries and has partnered with them again after the events of M-Day faded.

4 Verity Willis and Loki

Verity Willis in Loki: Agent of Asgard

Anyone who understands Loki’s character would know that he has a disdain for mere mortals. His Kid Loki persona meant he had changed his mind a bit, but as he progressed into his teens, his moral compass was a little grayer.

However, he ends up befriending a woman named Verity Willis, who can see the truth in any lie. Without being able to use his trickster skills, Loki would end up caring for Willis. It’s an odd start to a friendship considering Loki’s past, but it’s clear why it works.

3 Beta Ray Bill and Thor

Beta Ray Bill and Thor

Beta Ray Bill is an incredibly strange character. A horse-like alien, it is even stranger that it is worthy of Stormbreaker, a hammer much like Thor’s. The two represent very similar things and have been associated on several occasions.

Few could be considered worthy, but with Thor and Bill sharing the title, this has to be one of the strangest friendships in comics. Fans are certainly eager to see a live-action version of the eccentric character in the future.

two The Cabal

Marvel the Cabal

Friendships and alliances can sometimes become intertwined. It’s unclear if the female version of Loki trusted someone from the Dark Illuminati known as Cabal, but she spent a lot of time with the group during Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign.

Comprised of members like Namor, Doctor Doom, and the Green Goblin himself, it was a strange set of alliances, but one with an ultimate goal in mind. Loki even enjoyed Emma Frost’s company, perhaps finding common ground with her. These friendships, of course, faded as soon as Osborn’s reign came to an end.

1 Throg and his allies

Frog Thor Marvel Comic Throg

Throg is another incredibly strange character from the Thor mythology. He really is a frog that has the powers of the worthy and even a little Mjolnir to show that he has what it takes to take on the abilities of the god of thunder.

Throg’s own alliances are equally strange, and the character even joins the Pet Avengers. Throg also has a firm friendship with Thor, who has seemingly seen beyond his companion’s species and has instead come to respect him as an equal.

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