Marvel announces final member of new X-Men team

Marvel reveals the latest member of Krakoa’s new X-Men roster by unveiling a short comic strip as the Hellfire Gala enters full swing.

The latest member of the new X-Men has been revealed.

Marvel published a new comic strip titled “New X-Man“on his official Twitter account. Written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by David Messina in Rachelle Rosenberg colors, the strip shows Polaris discussing the X-Men vote with Banshee at the Hellfire Gala, who is also in the election. Polaris is then revealed to have won the membership vote, while Banshee silently congratulates her.

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“Choosing the X-Men was an incredible experience for the entire X-Office,” said X-Men group editor Jordan D. White. “All the creators and editors had so much fun seeing the incredible response from fans to this one-of-a-kind event and we were there together with you supporting our choices. It was the perfect way to start the new one. X Men qualification.”

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“Pepe and I are delighted to have Polaris on board for the X-Men team this year. Leah and David made her shine on X-Factor, and we’re going to make sure she continues to rock. X Men“added Gerry Duggan, who will take over the writing duties for X Men in June. “The scheme is done and dusted off, and every member of the team is going to have a problem with not just being the coolest mutant, but the most important character in the Marvel Universe for a month. I can’t wait for you to join us. I hope you survive the experience. “

Polaris was one of ten mutants selected for the X-Men fan vote, which took place throughout January. She ranked first in the vote, closely followed by Banshee and Sunspot. Marvel had previously released a series of short comic strips detailing the reaction of the other X-Men to the voting results, which were written by Wells and illustrated by various artists. The new X-Men lineup, led by Cyclops and Jean Gray, will be revealed on Friday, April 16 by Marvel.

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