The most underrated characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are without a doubt those without superpowers. While they are not exactly part of the main story, these characters nevertheless offer a great contribution due to their exceptional talents and extraordinary human abilities.

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When the time comes when Earth will perish and zombies rule the world, the ones who are likely to be at risk would be humans. The secondary characters on this list are those who are capable of defending themselves against the undead despite not having superpowers.

10 Happy hogan

Happy Hogan looking serious at someone off-screen in Iron Man

As Tony Stark’s personal bodyguard, Happy is equipped with a great deal of training: shooting weapons, melee fighting, spying, and even driving. He is a great driver and this will come in handy when they have to flee from an infected location or when the party needs to flee from a crowd of hungry zombies. Your fast and furious driving skills can save your life.

All humans have a desire to survive, but it seems that most agents trained under certain programs within the MCU have an advantage over ordinary civilians.

9 Darcy lewis

An image of Darcy Lewis smiling on WandaVision

The brilliant and goofy scientist will definitely kick zombies’ butt with her incredible gift of intelligence and intuition. Darcy may not be well trained in combat or the use of weapons, but she is a scientific person. So you have all kinds of ideas on how to eliminate zombies by using scientific methods.

Even though she majored in political science and not biology or human anatomy, her peers can still vouch for her. Also, he has incredible knowledge about high-tech devices. You can manage to create something that can scare these monsters away.

8 Everett ross

An image of Everett Ross smiling

Should a zombie outbreak occur, there is a chance that Everett Ross will survive the outbreak. Being a CIA agent, most fans will agree that Ross would be as skilled in the field as Maria Hill and Sharon Carter.

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Despite having average strength, fans know that he is more than capable of fighting and defending himself. He was also adept at using Wakandan technology, which could be seen as a key asset if there are a lot of zombie attacks.

7 Sharon carter

Sharon Carter talking to Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War

She is one of the most trusted and well-trained agents who assisted the Avengers in most of their battles. Sharon is well versed in the use of pistols and in hand-to-hand combat. He also acts as a spy and his stealth ability will come in handy when zombies invade the planet. Sharon can also be a front line and defender for the group because that’s what she’s trained for.

He can also thrive in even the most isolated places, like when he went off the grid after helping steal Captain America’s shield. That said, Sharon will definitely survive in a post-apocalyptic setting.

6 Ned leeds

An image of Ned Leeds sitting in front of his computer in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ned may not have the fighting style of his best friend Peter Parker, but that’s not the only way to survive a zombie attack. You can stay in one place, perhaps in your group’s shelter or headquarters, and be their eyes and ears. He is quite knowledgeable about computers and hacking, so he can easily access all the CCTV cameras in the city to detect any signs of intrusion.

In this case, Ned will need to have someone cover for him in case he becomes too distracted from his work. Together, they can defeat the undead and survive the apocalypse.

5 Christine Palmer

In the midst of a zombie outbreak, doctors and scientists are absolutely the most essential personnel. They will try to study all the cases and try to find a cure. Dr. Christine Palmer is a surgeon and her specialty will be helpful in an emergency. If she or someone on her team is attacked or injured, she can give first aid treatment or perform surgery on the spot.

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Your knowledge of human anatomy will be your advantage if you ever find yourself trapped in a zombie infested world. She would also make an excellent team player.

4 Lewis

An image of Luis smiling at someone off-screen in Ant-Man

Now, there is certainly no way Luis can talk about his way to survive a zombie outbreak, but there is also a great feeling that he will certainly not be killed. In addition, Luis has the ability to remember every detail in a paragraph, which could be useful to deliver important information in case he manages to discover the solution to this plague of the undead.

He also owns a huge truck that can be useful to transport from one place to another in case they need to escape.

3 Peggy carter

An image of Peggy Carter in her military uniform

If Peggy can survive the wars, she can also get out of this mess. His experience in the use of pistols, the application of military tactics and his leadership skills will undoubtedly be his salvation. As a co-founder of SHIELD, she is certified as a highly trained agent.

Peggy is also a well-versed martial artist, although not much of this skill is displayed in any of the films she appeared in in the MCU. This hidden talent of hers can save her life, as well as that of her companions, during the time of the zombie invasion.

two Okoye

An image of Okoye looking at something out of shot with concern in Black Panther

For many fans it is quite clear why Okoye is the general of Dora Milaje. Not only is he smart, but his fighting skills are also exceptionally good, and Okoye is seen to take down many great adversaries. This is only a small reason why it would make a useful companion when zombies attack Earth.

Okoye is also known for being very stealthy and mentally focused, as she can easily detect or discern if there are incoming threats or dangers. Okoye can serve as the group’s main fighter alongside Agent Hill. If you end up in a group, many people likely have you as a leader as well.

1 Maria Hill

Maria Hill sitting at SHIELD headquarters in Avengers

One of the trusted and well-trained agents in SHIELD, Agent Maria Hill can certainly lead a team of survivors in the midst of an outbreak. Her years of experience fighting aliens, gods, and superhumans have made her capable of killing the undead.

Aside from her experience, Agent Hill is also a trained marksman and military strategist. You can shoot directly and use a variety of ordinary and specialized weapons. If necessary, he can also act as a spy in case they need to break into the zombie lair.

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