A new villain in DC Comics’ Justice League comic series is about to carry out an attack similar to Steppenwolf’s arrival on Themiscyra.

Warning! Spoilers for League of Justice # 60 next!

A new villain from the DC Universe is about to perform an attack that is remarkably similar to the one Of the steppe wolf arrival at Themiscyra in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In a new preview of League of Justice # 60, a horned villain named Brutus will arrive in Amazonian paradise, armed with battle axes, which is almost identical to Steppenwolf’s attack in the live action movie.

One of the roughest moments in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Steppenwolf’s attack on Themiscyra, as Darkseid’s warrior is searching for a Mother Box that is under the protection of the Amazons. After the Mother Box is awakened, Steppenwolf attacks the fortress it is being guarded in, prompting the Amazon to level the building in an effort to stop him as they attempt to remove the item from him. However, Steppenwolf is not that easy to defeat, as he goes after the Amazons with the Mother Box and brutally murders those who stand in his way, ultimately achieving his goal of retrieving the box. It seems Steppenwolf isn’t the only horned villain wielding an ax and chasing the Amazons.

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Brutus made a grand arrival on Earth, as he faced Black Adam on Khandaq in League of Justice # 59. The demonic-looking villain only retreated when the full power of the Justice League attacked him, though he made a statement by refusing Superman from following him through his portal. In the Justice League # 60 trailers by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, and Tamra Bonvillain, the Justice League is reunited due to the threat of Brutus. Hippolyta, who will join the Justice League, arrives after apparently recounting Brutus’s attack on Themiscyra.

Justice-League-Team-5 (1)

Like Steppenwolf using a Boom Tube to reach Themiscyra, Brutus makes a grand entrance through a portal. He crashes to the ground and faces the Amazons. He points one of his giant axes at them as the Amazon warriors attack him. Brutus smiles when the fight is about to begin.

Justice-League-Team-6 (1)

Brutus doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, as his smile as he is attacked shows that he lives for battles. Given his power level, he might have an equally deadly fight on Themiscyra as Steppenwolf did on Zack Snyder’s Justice League – at least it will be significant enough for Hippolyta to join the newly formed Justice League. Gross, like Steppenwolf Before him, he is not afraid to blood his hands to achieve his goals, although it has not yet been revealed what exactly he is trying to do and where he is from. League of Justice # 60 will be in stores on April 20, 2021.

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