Paul Greengrass to direct political thriller ‘Night of Camp David’ about paranoid president

Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio will write the script, which is based on the 1965 novel by Fletcher Knebel.


Oscar-nominated filmmaker Paul Greengrass has signed on to direct Universal’s political thriller Camp David night, which follows the President of the United States as he grows increasingly paranoid.

Bodyguard creator Jed Mercury will adapt the 1965 book of Fletcher’s gag, and Greengrass will produce the film with his longtime collaborator. Gregory goodman, who do I work with Captain Phillips, July 22 and his latest movie, World News. Universal Matt reilly supervise the project on behalf of the studio, according to the hollywood reporter, who broke the news.

Knebel’s book follows Iowa Senator Jim MacVeagh, who is summoned to Camp David by President Mark Hollenbach. MacVeagh, who is expected to become Hollenbach’s next vice president, worries that Hollenbach is showing signs of intense paranoia. It erratically expresses its desire to develop a closer relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union and attempts to sever ties with American allies in Europe. Hollenbach also believes that the American media is conspiring against him. MacVeagh is the only person who notices that Hollenbach’s mind is crumbling, as the presidential advisers and politicians he tries to warn only ignore him. The only person in possession of evidence of Hollenbach’s mental decline is his lover, Rita.


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Camp David night It was reissued in 2018 to capitalize on the events of Trump’s presidency, and the material is clearly timely. I remember seeing the famous book cover: “What if the President of the United States went crazy?” – in recent years and thinking, ‘well, look what is happening to America right now!’

Sure enough, Universal spotted the similarities and recruited Greengrass to direct the film, which is in line with his cinematic sensibilities, as evidenced by films like Captain Phillips, United 93 Y Bloody Sunday.

Green grass’ World News is a solid western starring Tom Hanks What Captain Jefferson Kidd, who travels from town to town reading news headlines from around the world and agrees to accompany an orphan girl (Helena Zengel) through dangerous terrain to his remaining family. The film earned four Oscar nominations for its craft work below the line and is currently available to watch on VOD / digital platforms. I thought it was a strong effort, albeit outdated, although I’m not surprised that it was ignored by Academy voters in major categories.

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