Pokémon: Ash’s Companions Classified by Likability

Throughout his time in the anime, Ash Ketchum explored the Pokémon world accompanied by an interesting variety of characters. Some he met along the way and others joined him from other regions. They all stayed by his side out of loyalty and the desire to live an adventure like no other.

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Of all your peers, who is the most charismatic? Characters like Misty, Brock, Dawn, and Serena are fan favorites, but what about the others? Not everyone can be that attractive, so where do they rank when it comes to being likable? And which one of them makes the short end of the stick unsightly?

10 Iris

Iris in the middle of a Pokémon battle in the Pokémon anime

Someone has to be the least pleasant companion, and it’s probably Iris. Fans don’t hate her, but they find her annoying. She is somewhat of a snob and the closest thing to Pokemon the franchise comes to a titled character. It’s also puzzling how she constantly points out Ash’s immaturity while being so deliberately oblivious to his.

Iris’s goal of becoming a Dragon Master is also controversial. She only has one Dragon Pokémon for most of the Black White series, Axew. She is also unable to control her Dragonite most of the time, which shows her lack of experience as a trainer.

9 Bonnie

Bonnie as seen in the anime Pokémon

Like Iris, Bonnie isn’t obnoxious per se, but she’s annoying. Much younger than any of Ash’s other classmates, Bonnie’s trademark is to embarrass her older brother, Clemont, by asking each and every girl she meets to “please take care of your brother.”

Bonnie is sweet and caring, but her immature ways turn boring after a while. Despite her admiration for him, she is also very critical of Clemont, especially if his inventions fail in some way. Most of her most annoying traits come from her still being a child, so they can disappear once she matures.

8 Tracy

Tracy holding a map in the Pokémon anime

Tracy is one of Ash’s first classmates. He’s a Pokémon watcher who essentially invites himself to join Ash and Misty during the Orange Isles saga. His goal is to meet Professor Oak once Ash finally returns home to Pallet Town.

In many ways, Tracy is just a stand-in for Brock. Like the Pewter City gym leader, he’s knowledgeable when it comes to Pokémon and has a soft spot for pretty girls. Tracy is not unpleasant, but she is forgettable. Hardly anyone remembers it these days.

7 Kiawe

Kiawe about to throw a Pokéball in the Pokémon anime

Kiawe is one of Ash’s classmates in the Alola region. He is a trainer who loves Fire-type Pokémon and takes battles very seriously. He is the most experienced trainer in the school, aside from Ash, and has a deep respect for the Z-Rings and Z-Moves.

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Kiawe is a welcome change from Ash’s other teammates. He is more mature, serious and stoic, which is in contrast to Ash’s other companions in Alola. Kiawe is also wildly competitive, more so than Ash, which also makes for a fun character trait.

6 Clemont

Clemont celebrating a victory in the Pokémon anime

Clemont is Bonnie’s older brother and an electrical type specialist. In games in the main series, he serves as the leader of Lumiose’s Gym. He takes Brock’s place in the group, has a great deal of Pokémon knowledge and shares it with his friends.

It has one of the least annoying phrases: “The future is now, thanks to science!” – which he pronounces every time he presents a new invention. Clemont is also a stereotypical “geek,” excelling in areas like math and history, but failing athletics and generally lacking confidence.

5 May

May in the middle of a Pokémon battle in the Pokémon anime

May was Ash’s first partner since Misty, so she had some big shoes to fill. However, it didn’t take long for fans to accept it. And while her little brother Max wasn’t as lucky, May is fondly remembered by anime fans.

Her goal is to become a Senior Coordinator, something she discovers while traveling with Ash and Brock. May is known to be a character with considerable development from her first appearance to her last. She is also a fan favorite due to her playing status in Generation III games and their remakes.

4 Serena

Serena posing for a photo in the anime Pokémon

Fans of the franchise agree that Serena is Ash’s most prominent love interest. She shows him deep affection and even kisses him goodbye when the two part, a moment that is still talked about to this day. Like other female characters in the anime, Serena is the player in Generation VI games.

Serena aspires to be a Pokémon Performer, but it started with a lack of knowledge about which path she wanted to take. Serena matures considerably during her journey, which is one of the reasons fans like her so much.

3 Dawn

Dawn and her Piplup in the Pokémon anime

Like May, Dawn is a Pokémon Coordinator. Unlike other anime characters, Dawn is extremely confident and self-assured. However, it is never selfish or annoying, on the contrary. Her relationship with Ash is notable for being a sibling one, without any romantic undertones at all.

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Dawn became a fan favorite thanks to her lighthearted personality and individuality. His Pokémon are also responsible for his popularity, especially Piplup, Buneary, and Pachirisu. Like May and Serena, Dawn is the female character from the Generation IV games and their upcoming remakes. She will also appear as the protagonist of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

two misty

Misty occupies a special place in each Pokemon the hearts of the fans, particularly the Genwunners. As Ash’s first traveling companion, she travels all over Kanto and Johto with him. She shares a somewhat antagonistic relationship with him, although the two show deep feelings for each other. Hints of a possible romance occurred during their time together, but nothing ever came of it.

Misty is a water specialist and one of Ash’s strongest companions. She is the leader of Cerulean Gym in Kanto and one of the most respected trainers in the franchise. Misty’s energetic demeanor makes her unique among anime characters. She is loyal and courageous, but still vulnerable, which makes her one of the most three-dimensional characters in the franchise.

1 Brock

Brock Pokemon Series

Brock is not only the first of Ash’s male friends, but he is also the oldest partner in history. Travel with Ash through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh before going his own way. Mature, wise and level-headed, Brock acts like an older brother towards Ash and all the other companions he meets. However, he becomes authoritative and embarrassing in the presence of beautiful girls, and both Misty and Max physically hurt him when their flirtation becomes extreme.

Brock is the prototype for all the other male companions that follow him, including Cilan, Clemont, and Sophocles. He is one of the most popular characters in the series, perhaps second only to Ash himself. Brock’s goals are not shown, though he expresses his desire to become a Pokémon medic at the end of his journey with Ash.

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