Pokémon: The 10 Cutest Legendary Pokémon, Ranked

Cuteness isn’t an especially high priority when it comes to Legendary Pokémon. In general, its appearance is intended to inspire a sense of wonder and / or dread, which does not lend itself to being fluffy and charming. That said, cuteness is also a very subjective thing, and some of these designs, whether intentionally or not, certainly fit the bill.

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Most of the legendaries look quite intimidating, but some of them seem a bit more accessible. Here are ten of the cutest and least scary Legendary dudes to date:

10 Entei (fire)

Legendary cute entei

“Cute” might not be the perfect word to describe Entei. However, he has a nobility and poise that cannot be denied. Entei looks like he would make a truly trustworthy companion. It also seems like it would be great to play fetch, which is another advantage.

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Entei can fire blasts of fire that are hotter than magma, and each time he roars, a volcano explodes. Both are red flags when choosing a potential pet. On the other hand, Entei looks like a big fluffy dog ​​with a handlebar mustache, so maybe the risks are worth it.

9 Regigigas (normal)


Again, Regigigas is lower on the list because it might not meet the standard definition of cute. After all, he is a faceless inhuman golem monster. On the other hand … this guy looks like a taco. It’s hard to be afraid of a monster that looks like a taco, all things considered.

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So sure, Regigigas can create an army of legendary golem monsters to do his bidding and fire devastating energy bolts, but it’s a cute thing!

8 Silvally (normal)

Silvally Cute Legendary

Silvally is a mess in the best possible way. It has the head of a bird, the body of a dog, a pair of lizard arms and a fish tail… and it is simply delicious. It really is the Super Skrull of the Pokémon world. There’s something about the way Silvally was Frankensteined together that makes it hard to be intimidated.

He would certainly be a worthy adversary, as he can be cruel to those he doesn’t trust … but it’s hard not to want to just give him a treat and tell him that everything will be fine.

7 Cresselia (psychic)

Cresselia Cute Legendaries

Cresselia is one of the few Legendary Pokémon that just seems… friendly. Looks like you could get on the back of this thing and it would take you to paradise. Cresselia is also much gentler than most of her legendary companions.

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Basically he can shoot the Northern Lights from his tail for a quarter moon, his feathers can prevent you from having nightmares, he is very adept at healing his party members … everything in Cresselia is sweet and healthy. Some Pokémon want to fight, destroy, and wreak havoc … Cresselia just wants to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

6 Terrakion (Rock / Fight)

Terrakion Cute Legendaries

Terrakion is a study in contrasts. He has a very intimidating body and a very identifiable face. This is a beast one could reason with. And sure his Pokedex entry says he has a charge that is “strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one hit …” but he would never do that to one of his friends, would he?

Terrakion is half dog, half cow, and all heart. It even defends the Pokémon that are being bullied, especially if they are small and their opponent beats them. Overall, it looks like a standup Pokémon.

5 Tapu Lele (Psychic / Fairy)

Tapu Lele Cute Legendary

From an aesthetic perspective alone, Tapu Lele is quite adorable, with her flying pink shell, ruffled sleeves, and pointy hat. However, there is also something inherently unpleasant about Tapu Lele. He flies over his island home dropping scales that have the power to heal wounds. That’s sweet, right?

However, touch too many of those scales and it will have the opposite effect. On the other hand, it works literally with flower power.

4 Uxie (psychic)

Uxie - Cutest Legendaries

Uxie is one of the three legendary lake keepers, and choosing between him and the other two (Mespirit and Azelf) was difficult. These are all incredibly cute Pokémon, almost disgustingly cute. Azelf has this blank look that is oddly endearing, and Mespirit is adorably grumpy, but Uxie wins because of how laid-back and laid-back he looks.

Also, it gave birth to all the knowledge in the universe … which is pretty good. However, despite all that intelligence, Uxie doesn’t need to rub it in anyone’s face. You don’t have to show off or pose. He just floats, his eyes closed in quiet contemplation … which is good, because if someone looks him in the eye, his memories will be lost forever. That is less cute.

3 Calyrex (Psychic / Herb)

Cute Calyrex Legendaries

Like Terrakion, Calyrex is all about contrast. On the one hand, it looks like Christmasey and magical, as if it could be the Rudolph of Delibird’s Santa. On the other hand, Calyrex might just be the grumpiest Pokémon out there. He doesn’t seem pleased with the giant bud he’s forced to wear on his head, and it’s understandable.

Its constant look of disdain and annoyance, juxtaposed with its whimsical aesthetic, makes Calyrex an easy Pokémon to identify. He occasionally rides a ghost horse as well, which is pretty legit.

two Cosmog (psychic)


Cosmog is essentially just an adorable emoji face floating on a cloud, so the easy cuteness points there. Other than that, this is a Pokémon with a very endearing personality. Cosmog is too trusting, too desperate for affection for his own sake. He is naive, and often gets into dangerous situations as a result of his inherent curiosity.

He also creates wormholes when he’s stressed, when he’s a little worrying. Cosmog is basically a fragile baby, and the drive to care for him and protect him from the elements is only magnified by his cuteness. Then it evolves and it looks absolutely terrifying.

1 Kubfu (fighting)

Legendary cute kubfu

This was not even a contest. Kubfu might be the cutest Pokémon ever created. He’s trying really hard to be scary, and that makes him more valuable. Look at it, trying to look all tough. Look at his frown, his angry eyebrows, his tiny fists… he’s putting so much effort into intimidating and it’s not working. absolutely.

And sure, his evolution, Urshifu, seems a bit scarier … but he’s still reasonably huggable, at least until he changes into his Gigantamax form and becomes arguably the scariest Pokemon of all time. .

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