Retro casting of the original The Mummy movie in 2021

The recent spate of horror reboots hasn’t fared so well critically or commercially, but could a 2021 remake of The Mummy change that?

Although modern audiences remember the 1999 remake more fondly, the original Mummy was a horror thriller that served as the pinnacle of the Universal Monsters series. Before the failed Dark Universe was imagined, it was this 1932 classic that welcomed viewers to a new world of gods and monsters.

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While the most recent attempt at a remake left a lot to be desired, we are not willing to give up ownership just yet. While a period horror movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea, if it had the right script and the right actors, it could serve as a successor to Karloff’s original.

7 Malcolm McDowell – Sir Joseph Whemple

The role of Sir Joseph requires a distinguished English gentleman, and while there are many actors who fit that distinction, a true horror movie should look no further than Malcolm McDowell. Known for his roles in A Clockwork Orange and various Rob Zombie Productions, McDowell would feel right at home in this new production of a familiar creature feature.

Sir Joseph is responsible for discovering the tomb of Imhotep and the Scroll of Thoth along with him. He attributes it to an astonishing find, unaware of the curse and the undead priest. It’s McDowell’s commanding presence and a spark of madness that gives him the role of the old explorer still searching for his next big find.

6 Brad Dourif – Dr. Muller

Dr. Muller is the colleague of Sir Joseph, another seasoned Egyptologist who warns his fellow explorer about the curse and superstitions of the sands. Whoever plays Dr. Muller must have an actor who can complement his style and match his intensity and knowledge of the environment. Since Malcolm McDowell would be introduced as Sir Joseph, there would be no better match for him than Brad Dourif.

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Dourif would make an exceptional Dr. Muller, especially since he already has experience working with McDowell at Rob Zombie’s. Hallowe’en. Muller, from Dourif, would be obsessed with his work and would be a complete believer in the curse and in all things mythological. His manic demeanor and almost supernatural presence would make him perfect for someone familiar with the ways of gods and monsters.

5 Jared Leto by Ralph Norton

Jared Leto Fancast on The Mummy

Although it would be a small part, it takes a fair amount of talent to make it work. Bramwell Fletcher’s portrayal of the crazed explorer needs an actor who can perfectly portray someone going completely insane, with a haunting, psychotic laugh. So why not recruit someone with experience in madness?

Jared Leto has already become famous for his portrayal of the Joker in Snyder’s portion of the DC Universe, so it seems like he would be the perfect person to play someone driven mad by the sight of a walking mummy. Hopefully he doesn’t leave any unpleasant memories in the sarcophagi.

4 James McAvoy as Frank Whemple

JamesMcAvoy Fancast on The Mummy

Sir Joseph’s son Frank Whemple definitely needs an update. Frank was essentially the handsome romantic lead in the original 1932 film, but a new script calls for someone with a little more depth. The new Frank must be an active force in the story and not just a love interest. He needs someone who has a higher rank, so the role goes to James McAvoy.

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McAvoy already has experience in monster movies with Victor Frankenstein, but this version of The Mummy it would give him a chance to fight the creature instead of building one. Although he wouldn’t be as easy to shoot as Brenden Frasier’s Rick O’Connel from the 1999 version, his range and performance would give audiences a hero they could really cheer on.

3 Gary Oldman – Professor Pearson

Gary Oldman on Mummy Fancast as Professor Pearson

Pearson is a professor who helps Frank on his expedition and later in finding the tomb of Princess Anksunamen. The role requires an academic air and witty demeanor worthy of an educated guide. There are several actors who would be great for this role, including Johnny Depp, Willem DeFoe, or even someone like Jim Broadbent, but Gary Oldman feels perfect for the role.

Oldman’s Professor would be the first choice, especially if he brings in some of those James Gordon vibes from the dark Knight trilogy. Oldman’s experience in horror movies might also give him a head start, having appeared in movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula Y Hannibal. At the end of the day, he’s a solid option for a supporting role.

two Zoe Sandal – Helen Grosvenor / Princess Anck-su-namun

Zoe Fancast as the princess in The Mummy

While it would be tempting to bring Sophia Boutella back for a second chance at a mummy movie, a new movie can’t afford mistakes. So the new Mummy You need some serious star power to throw some fuel at the pyre. Casting Helen and the princess would be the toughest casting choice in the process, but there is one name that certainly springs to mind. The role must go to someone who can play both a beautiful love interest and royalty, and Zoe Sandala has done both.

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The original film wrote Helen as half Egyptian, so an actress of color is definitely required. Since Sandala has played roles as Netyri in Avatar and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, she can play a princess with serious presence and power, which makes her an almost perfect choice.

1 Doug Jones – Imhotep / Ardeth Bey

There is only one actor who can adequately portray Imhotep like Boris Karloff did wonderfully decades ago, and that is the phenomenal Doug Jones. The casting of Imhotep requires a creature actor, not just an actor with a mesmerizing voice and haunting presence. Looking at Jones and Karloff together, one can’t help but think that the role was made for him, in and out of the wrappers.

Karloff was a tall, gaunt actor who used his height and presence to dominate the role. Jones has already earned his skills with performances in The Pan’s Labyrinth and the Oscar winner Water form. Both Imhotep and Ardeth Bey would require a great deal of makeup and prosthetics, and Jones has years of experience. This is pretty much a no-brainer.

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