Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are noticing important clues that Teresa Giudice’s boyfriend Luis Ruelas may not be the best match after all.

Teresa Giudice’s boyfriend, Luis Ruelas, may not be the best match after all, as The Real Housewives of New Jersey Fans are noticing important clues that speak to his character. While the mother of four seems happy with her new relationship, many wonder if she chose someone with the same personality as Joe Giudice.

Teresa has never been the brightest crayon in the box, some would say, especially after she was sent to jail for fraud, thanks to not reading the fine print. The Bravo star loves being the center of attention, whatever the cost. Fans recently met her new boyfriend, who seemed like a breath of fresh air. But after some stories and police records surfaced, many begin to guess her taste in men.

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The infamous Kim De Paola, also known as Kim D, recently spoke out while on Behind the velvet rope with David Yontef podcast about her ex-friend and co-star. Clearly, Luis is not good news, and Kim had no problem spilling the tea on him. Fans will remember Kim from her brief time on the show as the owner of Posche and the second musketeer in charge of grooming Melissa Gorga for possibly being a stripper. She was never a homemaker, she was always just a friend, but fans felt like she was shaking the pot a lot. While talking to the host, the former reality star talked about how she knew “everything” about Teresa’s new boyfriend.

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Fans recently learned that Luis has a history, thanks to a leaked police report that showed his assault on another driver. Kim offered her own breadcrumbs, saying: “He has a history of some women who were in his life who didn’t think highly of him.” The women claimed that there were forms of abuse and that he is a “narcissistic.” Kim also shared that she has interesting “sexual preferences” since he is the manager of a “sex club” in Allendale, NJ Kim’s boutique is also in Allendale, so maybe the two of you are neighbors. A quick internet search suggests that there is no such club in the district that offers sex.

Kim didn’t stop there with the gossip, as he also flatly claimed that Luis had a history of cheating on women and that he was dating a woman the day he met Teresa. He said he received the information from former lovers. While fans know that Kim D wasn’t always the most trusted source, the information was interesting enough that Bravo viewers questioned the new relationship.

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