Ryan Reynolds jokingly struggles with saying Rob McElhenney’s name in birthday post

Ryan Reynolds learned to pronounce Rob McElhenny’s name as a gift to the creator of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and millions of bewildered fans.

Ryan Reynolds gives It’s always sunny in Philly creator Rob McElhenney gave the birthday gift of pronouncing his name correctly. Without ever meeting each other, the two actors recently co-bought Wrexham AFC, a Welsh football team that competes against other regional football clubs in the UK National League.

McElhenney created Always sunny in 2005 based on an amateur project that he shot with his co-stars Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. The show takes place primarily in a failed Irish bar in Philadelphia run by four friends: Mac (McElhenney), Dennis (Howerton), Charlie (Day), and Dee (Kaitlin Olson). Each character is uniquely narcissistic and constantly pursues their own agenda in settings where doing so is destructive to themselves and those around them. Danny DeVito joined the cast in season 2 as Frank Reynolds, Dennis and Dee’s adoptive father and a central member of the gang. The show is a black comedy that tackles a taboo subject to produce edgy humor. With seasons 1-14 under its belt and five more on the horizon, the series currently stands as America’s longest-running live-action sitcom.

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For McElhenney’s birthday, Ryan reynolds used her privilege as someone with a name that is extremely easy to pronounce to spread awareness of McElhenney’s most challenging last name on Twitter. The Always sunny creator recently celebrated his birthday on April 14th. Despite having an incredibly successful show and a large fan base, McElhenney still suffers from a widespread lack of name recognition, specifically of the audible variety. Fans of the show have long debated the correct pronunciation of their last name. Here’s Reynolds’ possibly accurate and much-needed pronunciation guide:

Reynolds himself seems unsure of the correct pronunciation of “McElhenney” in the video, prompting the actor to jokingly ask someone off-camera to confirm whether or not his attempt was close enough. A lots of Always sunny Fans have responded to the tweet thanking Reynolds for admitting his ignorance to educate others. The fact that some Twitter users still disagree with Reynolds despite his insider knowledge is a testament to how polarized the issue of McElhenney’s name has become among his fan base.

Reynolds’ knack for joking online with his famous friends is unmatched, and his last bit is no exception. Having bought an entire football team with McElhenney, the actor probably thought that a personal birthday gift would be more meaningful than something bought in a store. Grateful fans who saw the video are likely relieved to be able to confidently say McElhenney’s name when arguing. IThere’s always sunshine in philadelphia instead of replacing it with “Fat Mac” or “Nightman”. One can’t help but feel a bit sorry for McElhenney, who deserves respect for having his name pronounced correctly. Perhaps this is all karmic retribution for his creative crimes against his colleague, actor Viggo Mortensen, or as Mac would pronounce it, “Vijo Morgenstein.”

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