The next Terminator should embrace its horror roots (and use it for inspiration)

The Terminator series has faced diminishing returns in the blockbuster realm and should go back to its horror roots and use It Follows as a template.

The next Terminator The movie must go back to its horror roots, and Go on could be the best template. The seed of the original Terminator He was born out of a horrible nightmare James Cameron had while running a fever in the early 1980s. He had just been fired from his directorial debut. Piranha 2: Spawning and dreamed of a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire and crawling across the floor with a kitchen knife toward a female victim.

This vision was so vivid for Cameron that he translated it into a treatment for what became The terminator, and infused his action / horror hybrid with the same nightmarish feel. The film was a surprise success and helped launch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie star career. The duo would return later for 1991 Terminator 2: final judgment, which remains one of the most perfectly formed action blockbusters ever made. The last film was a huge success that featured great acting, incredible action, and groundbreaking CGI effects.

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Unfortunately, the aftermath from Terminator 2 they have been largely disappointing, both critically and financially. The franchise is too iconic to let it wither and die, but if it is to be reborn, it must go back to what made the concept so powerful in the first place.

The blockbuster route has yielded diminishing returns

Terminator Dark Fate Genisys

Every sequel since Terminator 2 has felt the need to emulate its blockbuster formula, offering viewers increasingly outrageous action, but often at the cost of character and suspense. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines It has a couple of great sets and a shocking ending, but it suffers a lot from the cheesy humor and a sanitized feel. Terminator salvation It offered the series a smooth reboot, landing a great cast, with Christian Bale as John Connor, and finally taking place in Future Warfare.

Unfortunately, a messy production led to Salvation The script is constantly rewritten, leading to a confusing and unsatisfactory blockbuster that was a financial disappointment. From 2015 Terminator: Genisys It may have sounded convincing on paper and saw Arnie return to the series after a long hiatus, but from his performances to his intricate plot and action, the fifth inning is commonly considered the weakest.

Genisys still did respectable business and 2019 Terminator: Dark Fate it was labeled as the third “true” movie. This was due to the return of creator James Cameron as producer and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Once again, a poor script and an overall “be there, done that” feel made for the disappointing latest chapter, and the movie grossed a lukewarm $ 260 million worldwide, scrapping plans for a sequel.

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The Terminator franchise must return to its horror roots

Original cut scenes from Terminator

There have been four sequels since Terminator 2, and none have even come close to the bar set by that 1991 entry. During a 2020 interview with THR, Hamilton revealed that he would be glad if he didn’t have to go back, but stated “I would really appreciate maybe a smaller version, where so many millions are not at stake, “in response to the sequel having such a high budget.

Blockbusters have come a long way since DoomsdayAnd while the effects on that movie were truly groundbreaking, audiences today are almost insensitive to the stunning visuals. The big budgets in the aftermath often saw them downgraded from R ratings to PG-13, requiring the removal of harsher violence or foul language. Weather Dark destiny eventually got an R, it was shot both ways during production because the producers weren’t sure of its financial prospects.

The consistently disappointing entries of the past few days have shown that going the blockbuster route is foolish. In its essence, The terminator is a horror movie, in which a masked killer relentlessly stalks a victim and kills anyone who stands in his way. Cameron understood this implicitly, which is why his two original films had such a lasting cultural impact. Eliminate the biggest games or explosions from Terminator 2, the T-1000 would still function as a fantastic horror movie monster, which is how Cameron chose to frame it.

The Next Terminator could use it follows as a template

The terminator The series was literally born out of a nightmare, and to regain its charm, it should go back to that tone. He might even go back to Cameron’s original idea that the Terminator is the ultimate insider and can blend in with the crowd. The director originally had actor Lance Henriksen in mind for the role, but once he decided to cast Schwarzenegger, the concept that the machine could blend in with the crowd disappeared.

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Arnold has become so iconic on paper that it’s hard to imagine the series without him, but the series has also been seen to move further and further away from Cameron’s original notion. The threat must be restored to the title villain, and a good template for this has already been seen with the 2015 cult horror film. Go on. This chilling one sees a teenage boy named Jay being relentlessly harassed by a supernatural being who can take the form of anyone, and he always walks slowly towards her, no matter where he is.

Although far from being an action movie, Go on captures the elemental nightmare feel that Cameron imbued in the original Terminator. There was always constant tension and anxiety about when the next attack would occur, even the camera seemingly scanning the background of the scenes for potential threats. A new Terminator might take some notes from Go on if you want to go back to a horror template and introduce a Terminator that can really blend in with the crowd rather than a more recognizable figure like Arnold. The series has always chosen to put a definitive face on its villains, although, especially in the case of the T-1000, it would make more sense for the machines to constantly change shape to avoid detection or maintain the element of surprise.

The best way forward for The terminator is reverting to the wild action or tangled antics of time travel and instead retelling a snappy and snappy action-horror hybrid like the original. The blockbuster template has only led to dwindling quality, and viewers are ready to be spooked by the central villain once again. The box office count of Dark destiny Makes another reboot likely, and a revival that spends $ 20 million on a dark, R-rated chase movie than another $ 200 million on a tepid blockbuster, feels like the smartest bet for the potential future of the movie. franchise.

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