The Voice: Bradley’s removal sparks outrage after great performance

Fans have strong reactions after Nick Jonas casts Rachel Mac over Bradley Sinclair during one of Battle’s final performances of season 20.

Nick Jonas chose to eliminate Bradley Sinclair this week on The voice season 20, sparking outrage from fans on social media. During the Blind Auditions, Sinclair performed “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Kelly Clarkson turned her big red chair around for him first, followed by Jonas, who admitted the performance wasn’t perfect. Despite that criticism, Sinclair took a chance and chose Jonas to be his coach.

Throughout the Battles, Jonas and his fellow coaches Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton paired their artists for long-awaited duet performances. During the last night of the Battles, Jonas paired Sinclair and Rachel Mac to cover the classic Elton John tune “Your Song.” The coaches praised both artists and even gave them a standing ovation. Guest coach Kelsea Ballerini, who replaced Clarkson at The voiceHe sided with Sinclair as Shelton leaned toward Mac. Thought of legend. “both were perfect.“Unfortunately for this couple, Jonas had no more saves and the other coaches had already used their steals, which meant whoever lost would be eliminated.

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However, in the end, Jonas chose Mac to advance the Knockouts in The voice season 20. Sinclair’s removal has sparked outrage from fans on social media. While the coaches were really divided on who should have been chosen, many fans think that Sinclair sounded better than Mac. Some even believe that the winning artist was chosen solely because she is more marketable.

At one point during this episode of The voiceJonas joked, “I feel like an idiot for matching you.“That happens a lot on this show. Sometimes coaches put themselves in a situation where they have to send fantastic singers home because the duets end up being stronger than they thought. Eliminated artists have a save or a steal. In this case, however, there were no other options left.

Shelton made an interesting comment after Battle’s performance that may have influenced Jonas’s decision. He compared Mac’s young age to the youth of the Jonas Brothers when they started out in the entertainment industry. “You know what she’s about to go through“Shelton told his fellow trainer. Overall, that’s a perfectly valid reason to choose one artist over the other. Jonas can help guide Mac on his journey, giving him advice as he begins his own career. Plus, marketability. is very important in the music industry. Sinclair is not much older than 22, but The voiceJonas and Shelton might consider the Mac to be more marketable.

It’s strange that The voice however, it actually produces successful artists. For this reason, it’s hard to take trainers seriously when they suddenly start to worry about marketability. Over the years, coaches have emphasized that the show is about finding singers with the best voices, as one Twitter user previously noted. What The voice addresses the Knockouts, fans are sure to continue to tip off coaches when they disagree.

The voice airs Mondays at 8 pm on NBC.

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