Toxic Avenger reboot recruits Jacob Tremblay

Good Boys star Jacob Tremblay joins Peter Dinklage in the Legendary reboot of the 1984 Troma cult classic The Toxic Avenger.

The next legendary Toxic Avenger reboot has found its second star.

According to TermJacob Tremblay will star opposite Peter Dinklage in the reboot of the 1984 cult classic. His past credits include Bedroom, Wonder, The predator Y good boys, and will also voice Flounder in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The little Mermaid.

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Released by Trom Entertainment in 1984, The Toxic Avenger focuses on a man named Melvin, who gains superpowers after falling into a pile of toxic sludge. The film spawned four sequels, a television series, a play, a cartoon, a video game, and even a Marvel comic.

Legendary secured the rights to the franchise in 2018, and several months later, Macon Blair was chosen to write and direct the project. In early 2021, Toxic AvengerOriginal co-director Lloyd Kaufman commented on Blair’s script, saying “it’s better than the original. Macon Blair knows Troma better than I do. He’s seen everything. He’s seen the cartoon, he’s seen the Halloween special … love our movies like Troma War Y Steadfast terror… Get to know Troma’s sense of humor, the combination of antics and satires with the environmental theme. “

Directed by Macon Blair, The Toxic Avenger stars Peter Dinklage and Jacob Tremblay. The film has yet to receive a release date.

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