As the conclusion of season 2 nears, Call of Duty: Warzone adds radiation to the mix, killing players who stray.

With the current incarnation of Call of Duty: War Zone In its final phase, two sections of Verdansk, Shipwreck and Prison, are now contaminated with radiation, making them impossible to traverse without a gas mask. Irradiated players who belong to squads are turning into zombies before being thrown from the air onto the map to wreak havoc.

Developer Raven Software has been building an apocalyptic conclusion to War zone Season 2 and Verdansk itself, now scheduled for April 21 at 12PM PST. Zombie infections have spread throughout the map and missiles have been seen flying overhead, even prematurely hitting play areas without an accompanying explosion. On April 15, Raven posted a playlist update that could be the last of the season.

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Shipwreck and Prison now display red radiation symbols over their locations on the game map, based on Charlie Intel. Entering one of them without a mask will deal damage gradually until one player dies – lone players are sent to the Gulag instead of turning into zombies. Gas masks need to be cleaned of corpses and they don’t last long, so most players will want to avoid contaminated areas entirely unless they are exploring.

An official Obligations meanwhile, the blog post mentions a “important contagion warning“For Gora Dam, expanding the scope of the zombie infection. The post indeed suggests that it has arrived”100%, “in which case worsening radiation, rather than more zombies, is likely to become the norm as April 21 approaches. That could drastically limit the strategic options for players in the context of the The game’s regular battle royale, although they already had to.Dodge zombies to avoid wasting ammo.

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After 21 the game He is expected to switch to a version of Verdansk from the 1980s for season 3, aligning it with the theme of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Evidence for this includes a leaked trailer mentioning Russell Adler, as well as changes to the current map’s Superstore. Although the new map will nominally represent the same location, it is rumored to have many changes and additions, such as an underground mine. Call of Duty: War Zone has proven to be unusual among Battle Royale games for sticking to a single map with minimal evolution. PUBGFor example, you now have up to seven maps, not including your training area and Apex legends has three. Weather Fortnite It also has a single map, it has changed drastically regularly in a matter of months, weeks or even days.

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