Warzone’s player wins the game by playing dummy

An overwhelmed but resourceful Call of Duty: Warzone player managed to win a game by playing dead after the rest of his team was defeated.

An overwhelmed but resourceful Call of Duty: War Zone The player managed to save and win a match for his team using the old tactic of pretending to be dead. This is just one of the many strategies that free battle royale players have used to win matches and it seems to have divided the player base.

Playing dead was a strategy that developed shortly after War zonerelease and has continued to appear on War zoneuseful life. All a player has to do to achieve this is lie face down, drop all of their gear on the ground, and hope enemies aren’t as perceptive. It is by no means a complete strategy to guarantee a victory, but when it pays off, it can be incredibly entertaining.

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Reddit User conorlee93 posted a video showing the latest fake death success story where things start out pretty bad for the gamer. Overwhelmed by pressure from an enemy team, the last player on a decimated team retreats from the opposition and even admits defeat to his teammates through a chat. When another team approaches from the opposite direction, the sole player decides that their best chance of survival is to drop all their items and lie on the ground in the open air as if they have been killed. To the surprise of the lone player, the tactic works as the two remaining teams fight each other until only one other participant remains. It is at this point that the lone player takes his weapon and finishes the job, securing the match for his team.

One of the commenters on conorlee93’s post claimed that they shared a similar video and received a host of negative reactions calling the poster a camper and a cheater. That particular comment sparked a discussion about whether or not to play dead in War zone should be considered a cheat or if it is just a smart tactic. Conorlee93’s video seems to be more in the latter category, particularly since the lone gamer was out in the open rather than hiding in a relatively isolated area.

There are many questionable tactics that players have used to win. War zone parties and there is no doubt that many of those strategies will persist in the community. Playing dead man, while unorthodox, is not as dirty as some players make it, especially in the case of the conorlee93 video. They were out in the open and it was the other teams’ fault for not making sure the player was actually dead. There are much dirtier ways to earn a Call of Duty: War Zone match what is shown here.

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Fountain: conorlee93 / Reddit

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