The Avengers are the best team in Marvel. Made up of some of the most powerful and skilled heroes in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers are Earth’s first and last line of defense against the most evil villains out there. Without a doubt, the Avengers have saved the Marvel Universe many times over, their power and skill have allowed them to triumph over the odds even when things seemed impossible to win.

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However successful they may have been, even the Avengers are not infallible. The team has made many mistakes over the years. Whether it’s internal betrayals or worse, the Avengers aren’t perfect.

10 They shouldn’t trust Iron Man as much as they do

Captain America Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the founding Avengers and he finances the team so that gives him influence, but relying too much on him with any position of power is a bad idea. From going behind everyone’s back and forming the Illuminati to going after his own friends when he was trying to get his technology back during the Armor Wars, giving Iron Man too much power is always wrong.

The biggest example of this was Civil war and its aftermath, when Iron Man mistreated his fellow heroes so that he and his side could help the government. Iron Man’s role in the Avengers should be tech support and help fight, and that’s it.

9 They should stop trusting the government and SHIELD

Henry peter gyrich

The Avengers are the largest team out there and have often had to accept government oversight in a way that teams like the Fantastic Four don’t. They have worked closely with authorities such as SHIELD, and while it has been helpful at times, working with the government has also been a problem for the team.

Take Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, for example: If the Avengers hadn’t been working with the government at the time, many unfortunate events could have been prevented. However, they were basically an arm of the government and Osborn was able to take over things and remake them in his own twisted image because of this. Avengers who trust the government always bite them.

8 They need to keep an eye on the Scarlet Witch more

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings on the planet and that kind of power has proven to be very dangerous. In fact, even if House of M It never happened, Scarlet Witch and her powers have been detrimental to the team on more than one occasion. Scarlet Witch is a volatile woman who has had a difficult life. With a power like hers, she needs to be watched.

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Scarlet Witch is a powder keg waiting to explode and even if she has been on the straight and narrow for years, there is still a chance that she could break at any moment and that is bad for everyone involved. The Avengers need to keep a better eye on her.

7 They need to defend mutants more

The Avengers and the X-Men have had a pretty tumultuous relationship for years. Like most teams in the Marvel Universe, they have found themselves fighting and teaming up over the years, but when it comes down to it, the Avengers have done nothing to help the mutant race.

Mutants are a hated minority and while the Avengers have had a few mutant members, they have rarely gone out and tried to help mutants. This is a terrible aspect because often the Avengers are working with people who actively wish damage to mutants, such as government agencies or the Inhumans. The Avengers must stop being so ignorant of the plight of the mutants and really help.

6 They need to organize a better training regiment

The Avengers are made up of very skilled heroes, but that doesn’t mean things always go according to plan. In fact, a lot of times, the Avengers bring in heroes who aren’t exactly team players and they just hope everything works out. Unlike the X-Men, the Avengers don’t train much; they basically depend on everyone listening to Cap.

This has resulted in many Avengers never living up to their potential as heroes because while they are members of the Avengers, no one makes an effort to train them.

5 They need to get back to having multiple Avengers teams

While the Avengers are the main team, they could take a lot of advice from the X-Men and the way they do things. The X-Men have multiple teams and they all serve a different purpose: the X-Men fight the big threats, X-Force is the proactive covert ops group, X-Factor investigates the threats and ends them, and the New Mutants and Generation X trains young mutants.

At one point, the Avengers had multiple teams and were able to respond to more threats than just the world’s great finishers. This is a much better approach to things, as the Avengers are spreading themselves too thin to try and take care of everything. They need to go back to having multiple teams, each with a different focus.

4 They need to get some telepaths

Skrull Secret Invasion Marvel

Telepaths are some of the most useful heroes a team can have and the Avengers rarely (if ever) have any on their roster. This is a huge oversight and it’s really surprising that they don’t have a telepath as a permanent member of the team. In fact, there are many times that a telepath would have been really helpful to the team.

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For example, a telepath would have known if Scarlet Witch was about to break again and warned the team. A telepath would have sensed the Skrull infiltrators in the run-up to Secret invasion it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. The Avengers should look for some telepaths.

3 They need to start trusting someone in addition to the limit for tactics

Captain America forms a great team of Avengers

Captain America is one of the best tacticians in the comic book world and without his experience, the Avengers would have been destroyed many times. However, that does not mean that they should always do what he says or depend on him to make all the plans. Relying too much on Cap is a big mistake.

There have been times when Cap was not on the team and the team paid for it. The Avengers got used to Cap doing all of that and they really don’t have anyone who can replace him.

two They need to ask for help more often

One of the biggest problems with the Avengers is that they believe in their own hype. They are team number one and they know it, so they are much less likely to ask for outside help, even when they need it. It is admirable that they have come to deal with threats on their own, but asking for help is always a good thing.

The Avengers must learn that while they are the first and last lines of defense, they cannot handle everything on their own and, in fact, are sometimes not even qualified to do so.

1 They need to be more proactive

The Avengers face some dire threats, but they often don’t start dealing with them until after they’ve attacked. This can be pretty bad because the Avengers are primarily dealing with situations that can end the world. Sometimes being proactive is the best way to be when it comes to things like that, otherwise it costs lives.

While they are called the Avengers, sometimes avenging the dead is not the best way to do things. With villains and threats like the ones the Avengers face, being proactive is just a smarter way of doing things. Too many have died because the Avengers are not being more proactive in dealing with their enemies.

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