Although DC’s Future state The story is over, that doesn’t mean the fandom should move on to other things so soon. It is worth taking the time to fully consider and examine the world of Future state as it is truly a standout comic in the “alternate timeline” genre. Although many future-based comics like to explore the darker side of things, few comics in this genre have gotten as dark as this story.

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DC did a brilliant job of bringing next generation heroes to fans with Future state while also showing some pretty dark futures for classic heroes. Hardly any major heroes were left intact, and somehow this might have been the darkest future DC has shown fans thus far.

10 The Green Lantern Corps is destroyed

Green Lantern of the Future State

The Green Lantern Corps in Future State is completely wiped out after something mysterious happens to them. In the end, the Corps tries to stay together, but without their rings of power they face increasingly dangerous threats.

On Future state: Green Lantern, We see them barely handling a battle against an army of Khunds led by a leader known as the Red King.

9 Superman is a slave fighting for the fun of Mongul

Future State Superman Worlds of War

At some point in the future, in a story that has yet to be told, Clark Kent disappears from Earth. It is never explained why, but the character is trapped in Mongul’s Warworld. There, he has very few of his powers left and instead fights enemies on a daily basis for Mongul’s entertainment.

Every time Mongul kills him and brings him back to amuse Mongul over and over again. Although Superman eventually breaks free, this is a sad fate that the Man of Steel must deal with.

8 Kon-El loses his friends and is trapped in another world

Suicide Squad Future State Feature

Kon-El is known for his connection to Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Cassandra Sandsmark, the other members of Young Justice. However, in Future state the character is mysteriously carried away.

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Instead, he is forced to work for Amanda Waller and becomes a member of a new version of the Suicide Squad on Earth-3. There, he has no choice but to fight and end corruption on that planet. Eventually, Waller locks out the planet so that no one else in the multiverse has access to it and Kon-El is the only hero.

7 The Flash family is destroyed by Wally West

What Future state makes the Flash family embarrassing. Wally West is possessed by one of the members of the Four Horsemen, and Barry Allen takes it upon himself to finish him off. Unfortunately, while possessed, Wally kills thousands of people and also eliminates Jay Garrick.

In the end, the Flash family retreats after losing their connection to the Speed ​​Force, and Barry fails to eliminate Wally, instead being trapped out of phase over time forever.

6 The entire planet of the girl Saturn is revealed as evil

Future status of the Legion

In Legion of Super-Heroes’ Future state story, readers take a short time into the future and all learn that the planet Titan intends to destroy the United Planets.

They convince the people of Trom to do their dirty work, and when the truth is discovered, the United Planets lock up the rest of Titan for the rest of time. It’s an unfortunate ending for Saturn Girl’s home world.

5 Supergirl is permanently alienated from the superfamily

Superboy Supergirl Future State

During Jon Kent’s Future state story, he gets into it with Kara. Readers can see them work together to get rid of Metropolis and defeat Brain Cells, but that doesn’t completely repair their relationship.

Years later, Supergirl lives alone on the moon, and she only seems to show respect for Krypto, not even to mention the other members of her family. This is due to frustration with Jon or complete alienation from the rest of the family.

4 The Teen Titans split up after forming the Titans Academy

The Titans are permanently shattered thanks to the actions of Red X. The Titan Academy experiment is shown to be a failure and results in the Titans being separated for good.

Nightwing is seen as the ultimate bad boy, and he even ends up dressing up as Deathstroke for part of his final story. Even though the group is ultimately “successful” in doing what they are trying to do, this success is something that everyone has to deal with in the future.

3 Raven surrenders to his darkness

Future State Shazam Raven Billy Batson

In the end, the Teen Titans only have one way to deal with the Four Horsemen, who were unleashed by some of the Titan Academy members. They plan to completely lock them up in the Rock of Eternity, something Shazam would have to protect forever to make sure they never got out.

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But Raven also gets caught up in this, and gets caught up with the Four Horsemen, eventually giving in to their influence and transforming into something else … something that is much more in line with the fate that she has been trying to escape from ever since she left. created.

two Shazam starts working for Neron without realizing it

Although Shazam is destined to guard the Rock of Eternity forever, he tricks the system. Instead of staying there himself, he allows Neron to convince him to part ways with Billy Batson, leaving Billy to watch over the tower while Shazam returns to the human world.

But Neron gains control over his eyes and causes him to lose Solomon’s Wisdom, causing him to kill innocent people by manipulating him, leaving him to return to the Rock of Eternity and merge with Billy and freeze Raven in the process.

1 The only good future is destroyed

Future State of Black Adam's Cruelty

There is a major alternate future in the DC Universe that has always been flawless. The 853rd Century’s DC One Million contains some of DC’s most powerful heroes, and it seems to be a place where the good guys win.

But when the cruelty is finally unleashed, it immediately lands there and devastates the entire future.

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