A crafty Valheim builder is recreating the famous Fairfax Castle from Fable 2 in-game, honoring the fort’s sheer scale.

Viking survival game Valheim is slowly but steadily turning into another Minecraft since players bet on building things. For example, as a player who made a massive replica of Fable 2The famous Fairfax castle. Currently a work in progress, the castle will join a whole family of other famous fortresses already imagined in the crafting / survival game.

Recently, ValheimIndependent developer, Iron Gate Studios, requested the craziest compilations of the Valheim community. Unsurprisingly, players were immediately quick to show off their most impressive projects, which included a handful of famous castles and fantasy palaces. One gamer demonstrated an amazing copy of The game of thronesWinterfell, which was built in a snowy area for the sake of authenticity. Another type of project was submitted by another player who created a faithful representation of The Lord of the rings‘Edoras.

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A talented Valheim called constructor _-GH05T- on Reddit recently revealed a dream project they are working on. The player is building a ridiculously massive replica of Fable 2The best property available, Fairfax Castle, and the resemblance is uncanny. Although there are small discrepancies here and there, the overall result is as close to the original strength as possible. According to the player, the huge castle was built in debugging mode, which is similar to the creative modes in the creation / survival titles. From the Fairfax replica in Valheim is extremely large, the game suffers a severe drop in performance due to a large amount of construction assets involved. The author admits that the FPS count has already dropped to 18, and that’s just the exterior of the finished castle! It’s painful to even begin to imagine how slow the game will run once the interior design is complete. Despite that, a massive mountaintop fortress shouldn’t affect the player’s world at all, as it’s being built far from the main survival area.

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Valheim Fable 2 Collage of massive Fairfax Castle replica images

It seems that Valheim Players infinitely love Tolkien’s legacy, as in addition to trying to recreate Minas Tirith, Barad-Dur, and Edoras, they are also investing time in smaller builds. One fan in particular decided to replicate Bilbo’s residence under the hill, which is a difficult task considering that players cannot dig holes in Valheim. However, the builder came up with a brilliant idea to turn the front door of Bilbo’s house into a portal, leading to the rest of the property located elsewhere.

Even if Valheim Incorporating sophisticated construction mechanics, the game suffers from the inability to support a large number of construction assets in one place. This is probably the key reason why players don’t even try to exceed reasonable limits in a normal survival mode. It doesn’t make much sense to do large builds that can affect performance, but as a purely creative initiative, ValheimFairfax Castle is definitely one of the most admirable projects in the game so far.

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Fountain: _-GH05T- / Reddit

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