Daredevil has made powerful enemies inside and out since his prison sentence began and now his stay has taken a turn for the worse.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Reckless # 29, by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz and Clayton Cowles of VC, on sale now.

If there’s one superhero in the Marvel Universe who’s been especially hard on himself lately, rightly or wrongly, it’s Daredevil. After accidentally killing a low-level criminal on a routine patrol around Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock entered a downward spiral that culminated in a decision to take responsibility for his own actions and plead guilty to manslaughter in exchange for a sentence. lighter imprisonment and the ability to retain your secret identity while incarcerated.

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And given the Fearless Man’s hard-hitting reputation for keeping his Manhattan neighborhood safe, Daredevil has quite a few enemies inside waiting for him as old demons and Matt’s violent past finally seem to have caught up with him behind bars in Reckless # 29.

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Daredevil Prison Fight

After being shaken to the core by the events of King in black, Wilson Fisk decided to rekindle his revenge against Daredevil to gain a sense of normalcy and purpose in his life. The first signs of this feud spreading to Matt took place when he discovered that one of his prison meals was poisoned, with Matt tasting the poison and employing his martial arts training to control his chi and fight the poison before he can. take bill. And as Daredevil recovers in the prison yard, a host of inmates are waiting to ambush him and take down the weakened Scarlet Swashbuckler, with no guards in place to stop the escalation of violence and protect Daredevil in numbers.

Even outnumbered and still disoriented by the poison, Daredevil more than defends himself against the other inmates. However, in the end, the higher numbers prove too much for the Fearless Man and Matt takes a serious stab from his latest opponent and collapses in the bloody mud of the prison yard. As Daredevil lies bleeding in the mud, it is revealed that the prison warden is watching the proceedings dispassionately the entire time and informs a mysterious supervisor that the superhero has been killed. Although anonymous, the Kingpin is likely the mastermind behind the ambush in the prison yard, with his revenge finally achieved.

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Daredevil’s fate behind bars reflects a similar incident suffered by his longtime best friend, Foggy Nelson. While Daredevil was first jailed due to his vigilante activities, Foggy visited him to update Matt on the legal proceedings being carried out on his behalf to overturn the conviction. Using his enhanced radar sense, Matt heard Foggy being ambushed and seemingly stabbed to death by other inmates, even hearing his heart stop beating. Foggy was revealed to be the target of the Maggia crime syndicate and faked his death to enter the witness protection program until the mobsters attacking him were brought to justice.

Matt Murdock was always going to have a dangerous time serving his prison sentence among many of the same criminals he fought and defeated on the streets. And now, with Wilson Fisk reverting to his old vile ways while in a position of considerable power as mayor of New York City, the entire prison system is against Daredevil as the enmity of the two old foes runs bloody. Matt might have narrowly survived the poisoning, but the prison director’s private inmate army appears to have dealt Daredevil a severe blow that could cut his prison stay shorter than expected.

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