Harry Potter manages to get a surprising amount of teenage romance, given that he spends most of his school years battling the forces of evil. Whether it’s his embarrassing non-initiator of an affair with Cho, Romilda Vane, and their love potion chocolates, or his eventual love for Ginny, Harry has some sort of romance in most subsequent films, but Ginny is the one. that lasts.

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In the flash-forward of the train platform, Harry is shown with Ginny, married and with their own children heading to Hogwarts. But from an awkward crush to eventual ‘true love’, how did this relationship flourish over the course of the franchise, and when did Harry begin to see her as more than just Ron’s little sister?

8 The Philosopher’s Stone: Ron’s Little Sister

Harry and Ginny hardly interact in the first movie, as Ginny is not old enough to attend Hogwarts yet. She might get a mention or two as Ron’s sister, but that’s about it, and at this point, there is no indication that the two are going to end up together (and of course they are both still extremely young children at this point). on time!). However, Ginny sees Harry for the first time in this installment, as she is with her family at King’s Cross when Molly helps Harry learn to cross the barrier onto the platform. And, like everyone else in the wizarding community, she’s in awe of everything she’s heard about him.

7 Chamber of Secrets – Crushing On Harry

Is within The Chamber of Secrets that Ginny really becomes a character on the show, and one who clearly has a crush on Harry! She officially meets him for the first time here, when she comes to The Burrow during the summer. However, when she meets him, she gasps and runs out of the room, clearly overwhelmed by everything.

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Later, the version of Tom Riddle living in the diary reveals that Ginny was writing a lot about Harry and how much she expected him to notice her and how much she liked her. Harry, of course, wants to keep her safe because he’s the hero, but he doesn’t really see her as more than his best friend’s little sister right now.

6 The Prisoner of Azkaban – Just A Crush

In the third movie, Ginny once again fades into the background, although she is still clearly in love with Harry. On The prisoner of Azkaban, the focus is really on Harry and Sirius, so Ginny only appears in a few scenes. However, she is still set to be awkward around Harry, due to her infatuation, and possibly more due to everything that happened the year before. In the books, he even makes him a singing card to get well when he’s hurt … and unlike other gifts, Harry doesn’t throw it away, suggesting that perhaps the slightest hint of feelings is starting to develop in this one. hour point.

5 Goblet of Fire – Ginny Beats Harry

Neville Ginny Christmas Ball

At this point in the franchise, Ginny gets some excellent advice from Hermione and backs off a bit. This actually helps her start talking to Harry and building a true friendship with him, rather than blushing and stuttering whenever he’s around. However, she clearly still has a thing for him, as evidenced by her visible disappointment when Ron suggests that she go to the Yule Ball with Harry, and she reveals that she actually already has a date in Neville. Harry, however, is hung up on Cho Chang, even though she has started dating Cedric Diggory. By the end of the book, Harry is busy dreaming about Cho, and Ginny has started dating Michael Corner, and it seems these two may end up being just good friends.

4 Order of the Phoenix – Harry & Cho, Ginny & Michael

On The Order of the PheonixIt seems that Harry and Ginny are nowhere near a path to true love, but they are definitely on the path to true friendship. With Harry and Cho starting to date (albeit with a lot of confusion), and Ginny and Michael an established couple, Harry and Ginny have the space to start becoming friends.

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Is within The Order of the Pheonix that they really start to interact and have some conversations just between the two of them, and where Ginny starts offering Harry some advice, whether it’s getting closer to Sirius or how it would feel to be possessed. His skills at the district attorney and the time they spent together there also impress Harry and deepen their friendship, so that by the end of the film, when Harry, Cho, Michael, and Ginny are done, there is room (maybe) for him to something new grow.

3 The Half-Blood Prince: They finally get together

After years of accumulation, Harry finally begins to feel something for Ginny in The half-blood prince – and one of the first moments he notices is when he smells Amortentia, and it smells like ‘something flowery that I had smelled in the Burrow’ … Ginny’s hair! She is dating Dean Thomas for a while at the beginning of the book, but that ends quickly, not before Harry realizes that he is incredibly jealous of Dean and begins to think about what it would be like if he were Ginny’s boyfriend. .

The two eventually spontaneously kiss after a game of Quidditch, and they actually start going on a date, which Ron is surprisingly accepting, given that he was incredibly unhappy about Ginny’s past romances. This is the most fans see of Harry and Ginny in a relationship, and it seems great. However, Harry finally ends things to protect Ginny, and she respects that decision.

two The Deathly Hallows (Part 1) – Harry’s Breakup and Departure

In the first of the last two films, Ginny largely disappears into the background again, as the focus is on Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and their search for the Horcruxes. Ginny returns to Hogwarts for much of this year, without Harry, and he is left listening to news about her on the radio and hoping she is okay. However, they share a sweet moment at the beginning of the movie, when everyone is at the Burrow for Bill and Fleur’s wedding, and they share a kiss, and Ron warns Harry not to mess with Ginny’s feelings. Beyond this, however, their romance is not the center of attention.

1 The Deathly Hallows (Part 2) – Gathered at the Battle of Hogwarts

harry and ginny from harry potter epilogue

In the final movie, Harry and Ginny reunite, and fans enjoy the particularly hilarious moment where Harry arrives at Hogwarts with Ron, and Ginny completely ignores her own brother – she only has eyes for Harry! Later, while running through the castle during the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry takes her hand and the two share a brief kiss. However, there is not much time for more, as they are in the middle of something a little more important! However, it is clear that they are already in love.

And of course, in the latest flash-forward, Harry and Ginny are (presumably) happily married, and their own children will be sent to school, hopefully for a few less hectic years!

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