When Mark McGrath signed up for The Masked Singer, he had no idea he would be a wild card contestant. He found out during his first rehearsal.

When Mark McGrath first signed up to compete in The Masked Singer, I had no idea he would be a wild card contestant. The Sugar Ray frontman was unmasked as the Orca this week after appearing in just two episodes of the reality series. It was presented during the third week of The Masked Singer season 5 as the first wild card contestant. This is a new twist that producers have added this season to shake up the competition. McGrath made his debut with a rendition of Twisted Sister’s “Were Not Gonna Take It.” He managed to stay, which resulted in the removal of the Raccoon. For his second performance, he took on Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, but it wasn’t good enough to save him. This week’s wild card contestant Yeti took his place.

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McGrath is no stranger to reality TV. Appeared in american idol in 2005 as a guest judge, then he hosted Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search For The Next Doll two years later, giving him a connection with The Masked Singer Pussycat Dolls judge and singer Nicole Scherzinger. McGrath has also competed on other reality shows, including The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

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During an interview with THAT, McGrath revealed that he did not know he would be a wild card contestant when he first signed up for The Masked Singer season 5. “Information about The Masked Singer it is based on the need to know if you are acting or you are a judge, it does not matter“he said. It wasn’t until his first rehearsal for the show that he learned this important news from The Masked Singer team. McGrath continued, “[The producers were] like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re going to be a wild card. We have to change the format. It is what we do. Every season we have to spice things up. ‘ Like I said, they keep it moving. They don’t really give you a chance to ask too many questions.. “

The idea of ​​being a wild card contestant on The Masked Singer Season 5 terrified McGrath because he assumed he would have a target on the back of the other contestants. He said, “I was terrified to do the show to begin with. Then having a kind of bullseye in the back as a wild card, that’s what I had to rectify in my mind.“He added that despite”fearing“being a wild card at first, he”He ended up hugging him.“Unfortunately for McGrath, he only had two episodes to accept that challenge.

The Masked Singer it is a spectacle shrouded in mystery. Each season, producers must implement strict protocols to ensure that none of the famous contestants’ identities are harmed to the public. Celebrities always have to cover their faces when they are in the studio. Not many team members know who the masked singers are until they are revealed on the show. It makes sense that producers of The Masked Singer I’d wait until the last possible moment to tell some of the contestants that they are wild cards.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on FOX.

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