It’s only for a moment, but a mysterious masked figure can be seen in the background of the new RE Village trailer that could be Mother Miranda.

A new trailer for Resident Evil Village shows even more of what the next game in the series has to offer, as well as revealing the possible first full look at the mysterious Mother Miranda. While other characters like Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have had a lot of screen time devoted to them before Resident Evil VillageDuring the launch, really little has been revealed about Mother Miranda and what exactly her role is within the game.

Resident Evil Village is configured to track events from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Players will meet Ethan Winters once more, this time as he searches for his missing daughter, Rosemary, in a snowy eastern European setting. Demonic resident Regular Chris Redfield has also been confirmed to make an appearance on Resident Evil Village, although his loyalty is unknown. In some of the early trailers of TownChris was shown shooting Ethan’s wife, Mia, and taking her and Ethan’s little daughter away. It’s still unclear for what purpose, but given the other teasers surrounding Town So far, it appears that baby Rosemary is a key part of some kind of ritual ceremony.

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This afternoon, Capcom hosted another Demonic resident Showcase before Townfinal release next month. In addition to confirming the dates for their second demo, a new trailer offered fans an even closer look at the supernatural happenings of Demonic resident 8titular town. There’s a lot to unpack in the three-minute footage, but one figure remarkably catches the eye of viewers even though he’s only featured during the shortest moments. As Lady Dimitrescu and her brother Heisenberg head to a room of “Lycanthropes and knights, ”An imposing, masked figure can be seen standing in the background. Most striking of all, however, are the multiple black feathered wings and ecclesiastical diadem on this figure.

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It was recently confirmed by Resident Evil Villageart director that the crows were the “hand pattern”From the design of Mother Miranda, as well as the fact that the prefix“ mother ”was religious in nature rather than maternal. While it’s just speculation at this point, the evidence makes it incredibly likely that the figure briefly seen in the most recent trailer is in fact that of Mother Miranda. It also matches the recently revealed portrait of Mother Miranda, although in this case the many wings were not included in the image.

Resident Evil Village a balance between survival horror and action gameplay has been promised at launch. Along with today’s showcase, it has also been revealed that this installment of the Demonic resident The franchise will feature a new weapon upgrade system, as well as the player’s ability to hunt animals at all times. RE Villagethe vast open world map and use its resources to improve base stats; something that is a new addition to the series.

With less than a month before Resident Evil VillageSince launch, fans don’t have much more time until the game’s many mysteries are solved. Until then, Demonic resident Fans will be able to experience more of their offerings through the demo, although this will undoubtedly leave many questions asking for answers as well.

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Resident Evil Village to be released for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on May 7.

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