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Superman is one of the healthiest heroes DC has to offer, with the character’s primary color scheme and his lighthearted personality like a ray of sunshine in a world that sometimes makes no sense. Even in the darkest of times, Superman can be trusted to bring a ray of hope to the world.

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There are many wholesome and heartwarming moments to be found in the various amounts of comics Superman has appeared in. Many will simply make fans smile, they can make them laugh, and some will bring tears of joy to their eyes.

10 Superman is a super dad

Superman prepares to fight Batman and Robin while his son tries to make him stop.

In the excellent career of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason in Superman, Superman showed how much hell he would raise to save his family. At the beginning of issue 10, Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, kidnaps Superman and Lois Lane’s son Jon, furious that he and his parents are using Batman’s property and believing him to be a threat.

Batman arrives and informs the fourth Robin that he has an idea of ​​what kind of chaos he has caused. Out of nowhere, Superman bursts in with a vision of moving heat, proving that he would go further than he ever has for the sake of his son.

9 The boy who stole Superman’s cape

Superman saves a boy from being hit by a train.

It’s hard to find too many healthy moments in The New 52, ​​but Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver managed to generate some hope in the dark mud that was DC’s new age. “The Boy Who Stole Superman’s Cloak” tells the story of a boy who steals the cloak of a young Man of Steel.

Moments later, the boy and his younger brother flee from their drunken and abusive father, who shows no concern when an oncoming train threatens to end his son’s life. Just when it seems to be too late, Superman swoops in and stops the train, promising that the boy’s father will never bother him or his brother again.

8 Double date

Superman, Lois, Batman and Catwoman at a superhero themed fair.

Tom King keep running bat Man has proven divisive among fans, but it seems like every time King pairs The Dark Knight with Superman, all the pieces fall into place. Drawn by Clay Mann, “Double Date” sees Superman and Lois join Batman and Selina on a date at a superhero themed fair.

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Amid King’s particularly serene career, “Double Date” felt like a breath of fresh air. Seeing Superman, Batman, Lois, and Catwoman swapping costumes is really cute and the dialogue between the four of them is really charming.

7 Happy birthday, Lois

Superman and Lois kiss on the moon.

Often considered one of the greatest comics of all time, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely All Star Superman shows what would happen if Superman’s time ran out. Now that he’s forced to think about his mortality, Superman reveals his identity to Lois before giving her the best birthday present.

Superman gives Lois an elixir that grants her abilities for a day, and the two embark on an adventure involving none other than the iconic strongmen Atlas and Samson. At the end of the day, Superman and Lois share a kiss on the moon, which is possibly the most romantic moment in all of the comics.

6 Superman encourages Dick Grayson to become Nightwing

Superman takes aim at Dick Grayson's head.

Superman and Dick Grayson are friends in a different way than Batman and Superman. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Dick and Clark are very similar in terms of personality, both being optimists who prefer the spotlight rather than the shadows.

In fact, at certain times in the comics, Dick immediately became close to Superman after being fired as Robin. Superman then told him the Kryptonian legend about Nightwing, a vigilante on Krypton, that inspires Dick to take the nickname Nightwing.

5 Superman meets Lois

Lois holds Superman in the sky.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank accomplished the impossible as they actually updated Superman’s origin with Secret origin in a way that not many creators can. One of the best moments of the series comes when Superman introduces himself to Lois Lane and saves her life.

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While investigating Lex Luthor’s clandestine activity, a brush with LexCorp security causes Lois to fall off the building, only to be caught by newcomer Superman. The look on Lois’s face is priceless, complemented by Superman simply saying “hi.”

4 Superman’s talk with Jon

Superman talks to his son Jon in space

One of the cutest moments of Peter J. Tomasi’s career in Superman is when Superman and his son, Jon, talk about Jon’s decision to become a superhero. After fighting alongside their father, the two talk on the moon about why Jon uses the “S”.

Naturally, the iconic Superman logo carries a lot of weight, so Superman would want to know what your child’s motivations are for wearing it. Jon says he doesn’t use it because he wants to be Superboy, but just wants to feel super like his dad.

3 Who is Superman’s favorite Robin?

Superman, Robin and Batman.

At Tom King and Andy Kubert’s Superman: Up in the Sky, Superman tries his best to travel across the galaxy to find a girl. In the end, Superman and the girl named Alice are in a restaurant, where Superman answers all of Alice’s questions.

All of Alice’s questions are adorable and in fact they are questions that a child would ask Superman. One of your questions is “Who is your favorite Robin?” Superman tries to play casually, but ends up stating that his favorite was Dick Grayson.

two Superman admits he would let Batman win

Superman and Batman by David Marquez

The question of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman has been a question that has divided fan opinions for decades. The answer is somewhat irrelevant given how subjective the question is, but Superman has an opinion.

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Another moment that takes place in the pages of Up in the sky, Alice asks Superman who would win, and Superman confirms that Batman would win. When asked how he knows that, Superman claims that it is because he would let Batman win.

1 Regan

An image of Superman sitting on the clouds in the comics.

All Star Superman It is a very emotional book as it sees the Man of Steel trying to help humanity after realizing that he is slowly dying. Throughout the story, readers saw Superman taking a group of terminally ill children on a world tour, helping prevent a train accident, and saving many people from Mechano-Man’s attack on the city.

Yet there was an act of kindness that was shown to impact readers more – the scene in which he prevents a young woman from attempting suicide. After hearing Regan’s phone call to her doctor, Superman arrives and decides to sit down and talk to her while she waits for professional help to arrive. He is also seen offering Regan some advice, giving her great comfort and reassurance. For many fans, this was the moment that emphasized why Superman was a symbol of hope.

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