Even eight years after the launch of Naughty Dog’s The last of us, remains one of the most moving and cinematic games ever published. A recent report revealed a TLOU The remake for PlayStation 5 is in development at Sony, which means fans will probably be able to relive all of the The last of us‘best moments in 60 fps.

[Warning: SPOILERS for The Last of Us below.]

The original The last of us’ The story revolves around smuggler Joel Miller, hired by a militia group, the Fireflies, to escort 14-year-old Ellie out of Boston safely. Unbeknownst to Joel, Ellie is mysteriously immune to the parasitic effects of the Cordyceps fungus that has devastated humanity, eventually realizing that the fireflies want Ellie because she could be the secret to curing the infection. The two set out on a journey across the country to take Ellie to the firefly headquarters and confront violent bandits, hordes of infected, and a cannibal cult.

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Along the way, Joel and Ellie develop a fundamental father-daughter relationship in the most emotional parts of the game. Naughty Dog masterfully balances The last of us‘Scary moments and heartbreaking scenes with fleeting but resonant periods of calm. The result is an experience that will cause many players to drown as much as on the edge of their seats. These are some of the most unforgettable moments of The last of us.

The Most Memorable Moments From The Last Of Us: The Outbreak

The Last of Us 1 Most Memorable Moments Joel Sarah

The last of us Wastes no time introducing players to the horrors unleashed by the Cordyceps fungus. The game begins in Austin, Texas, on the night of Joel’s birthday. Sarah, his daughter, stays up late waiting for him to come home from work to give her a wristwatch. That same night, the yeast infection reaches a critical point in the state, forcing Joel and Sarah to evacuate with Joel’s brother, Tommy.

When it appears that Joel and Sarah narrowly escape alive, a patrolling trooper finds them fleeing Austin and is ordered to eliminate anyone who leaves the area. The patrolman shoots at them, not seeing Joel but mortally wounding Sarah before Tommy shoots him. Joel’s daughter dies in his arms, showing players the trauma the infection has inflicted on him and many others. Also, it sets the backdrop for the relationship he will eventually develop with Ellie throughout. The last of us.

The Last Of Us Most Memorable Moments: Sam and Henry

The Last of Us 1 Most Memorable Moments Joel Henry

Ellie and Joel meet another survivor duo when they arrive in Pittsburgh: brothers Sam and Henry. The two groups join forces to escape the city and even begin to befriend because of how similar their situations are. Sam and Ellie are roughly the same age, while Joel and Henry are their protectors. It looks like the four of them could make a formidable team, but when things seem to be looking up in The last of us, disaster strikes.

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The four take refuge in an abandoned apartment after leaving Pittsburgh. Joel and Henry bond over dinner, while Sam and Ellie have an oddly tense conversation in another room. It turns out that Sam was bitten by one of The last of us‘Infected during his travels and is coming to terms with death. Without telling anyone, he goes to sleep, and when Ellie checks on him the next morning, he attacks her. Henry is forced to shoot his brother and then shoots himself in a state of pain and rage.

This part of the game reinforces that nothing is permanent in The last of us‘universe. Joel and Ellie had recently lost their travel companion, Tess, to infection, and the siblings’ introduction injected some hope into the journey ahead. It was interrupted, and this scene is a perfect example of the emotional ups and downs that the launch of Naughty Dog can put players through.

The Last Of Us Most Memorable Moments: Ellie vs. David

The Last of Us 1 Most Memorable Moments Ellie David Fight

The bandits ambush Joel and Ellie as they investigate an abandoned firefly outpost at Eastern Colorado University. Joel is seriously injured and the two take refuge in a garage for the winter, with Ellie hunting and tending to Joel’s wounds. She meets the bandits again and discovers that they are part of a cult of cannibals led by a man named David. Ellie drives the group away from Joel, but is momentarily captured when David tries to recruit her to join his group.

Ellie manages to free herself and kill David’s partner, but he corners her in a burning restaurant. Meanwhile, Joel regains some strength and manages to set off in search of Ellie. When she finds her, she is brutalizing David with a machete after an intense confrontation. Joel runs in to comfort her, but the events traumatize Ellie. She used to be lighthearted and witty, even amidst all the horrors of The last of usBut now she is reserved and nervous.

The Most Memorable Moments from The Last Of Us: Surprise Zoo

The Last of Us 1 Most Memorable Moments Ellie Giraffe

After the horrific encounter with David and his group, Ellie and Joel arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah, where a group of fireflies is supposed to be hiding in a hospital. On their way there, the duo come across a herd of giraffes (a recurring symbol in TLOU) that have somehow been freed from a nearby zoo, resulting in one of the most whimsical and carefree moments in the game. Players see a glimpse of Ellie’s old self as she and Joel look up at the city skyline and see the giraffes walking away.

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The scene may seem inconsequential, but it is an excellent example of the exemplary rhythm that defines The last of us. After the creepy encounter with David that changed Ellie forever, Naughty Dog shows players that there is still beauty and peace in the nature of the world. Joel and Ellie enjoy it, even if it’s just for a moment.

The Last Of Us Most Memorable Moments: Joel’s Final Decision

The Last of Us 1 Most memorable moments Joel saves Ellie

Once the duo reach the base of the Fireflies hospital, Joel delivers Ellie. Just when it seems like Joel’s job is complete, he takes it all away. He realizes that the group will likely kill Ellie while experimenting with how to synthesize a cure for the infection. Now that he cares deeply for Ellie, as if she were his daughter, he decides to kill the remaining fireflies at the base to save her.

After killing dozens of guards, Joel breaks into the operating room, kills the surgeons, and even shoots his original firefly contact, Marlene. When he wakes up from the anesthesia, Joel lies to Ellie, telling her that the fireflies’ plan for a cure failed and that dozens of people are already immune to the disease. It’s a heartbreaking moment that is accentuated by one of Joel’s last lines: “I fought for a long time to survive. Whatever happens, you keep finding something to fight for.

It is here that it becomes emphatically clear that Joel condemned humanity just to save the only person left in the world that he loved. It is a tragic ending reminiscent of one of the central themes of The last of us – find something to appreciate in a brutal world.

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