A deadly cheater wreaks havoc in Call of Duty: Warzone by being able to ping all players in the vicinity and wear night vision goggles.

Despite Activision’s anti-cheating efforts, hackers in Call of Duty: War Zone they are still quite confident, even going so far as to live ping all the enemies around them and wear night vision goggles that don’t exist in the game. Hackers keep ruining everyone else’s experience on Call of Duty: War Zone by using outrageously unfair traps. Sometimes cheaters can get so trusting that they recklessly reveal piracy software while streaming the game to viewers.

Last year, for example, a streamer named MrGolds was caught using cheat software during a game of War zone. The player was live-streaming the game at the time, while also loudly bragging about his skill. As it turned out later, the reason for the streamer’s masterful plays was a cheat tool, which was accidentally revealed to be running on his machine. MrGolds was later removed from Twitch, presumably for that particular violation.

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The last example, as reported by the player Yungstaz6 on Twitter, it clearly shows that cheaters can use absolutely bizarre software solutions to take advantage of regular players. Yungstaz shared a video of a hacker who was killing poor gamers from left to right with hardly any effort. The most amazing part of the footage is the fact that those new tricks can be clearly seen in action during live gameplay.

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Traditionally, hacking apps can only be seen by those who use them, but in this case, cheat tools were apparently part of the game. The fraudulent player was able to ping all opponents in the vicinity while also wearing night vision goggles, which are not even available in War zone. The cheater appeared to be a randomly matched teammate on Yungstaz’s team. After the game, the hacker admitted that this particular account has been active for five months, which gives reason to doubt Activision’s methods of resisting the plague of cheats.

Despite such vivid examples that cheating on War zone is thriving, security teams continue their fight against hackers. According to the most recent report, nearly half a million fraudulent accounts have been permanently banned since the game’s launch. Over the course of the last two months alone, seven waves of massive bans have been issued affecting thousands of cheaters. The most annoying of them are repeat offenders who keep buying new accounts. For such violations, they receive hardware bans from the developers.

It’s certainly outrageous that cheaters like the one above keep spoiling the fun for War zone players undisclosed for months. The game apparently cannot detect any cheat software during live play, leaving players completely unprotected against infuriating hacker behavior. While developers are issuing waves of massive bans, it’s unclear how these reckless hackers can get around them. The game clearly needs a better anti-cheat solution, which is something Activision should invest in.

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Fountain: Yungstaz6 / Twitter

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