Some fans may not realize this, but Talk no Jutsu was not really a jutsu. It’s a fan-made term given to Naruto’s ability to change anyone’s mind and beliefs simply by talking to them. No matter how strong his resolve was, once he used this jutsu against them, they turned like putty in his hand.

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While it is not a real jutsu, it was something that changed the course of history many times in the Narutoverse. Be it an impressionable young mind or the person who destroyed the entire world, this jutsu had the ability to transform anyone!

10 Naruto made young Inari believe in heroes again

1 naruto with inari

Inari was a boy from the Land of Waves who had had a very traumatic childhood. He had seen Gato murder Kaiza, his stepfather (and his hero), who was his entire world, in front of his eyes.

Naruto, who had a terrible past, was determined to show Inari that heroes not only existed but also won against evil people. During one of Inari’s outbursts, Naruto countered him and gave him a dose of his Talk no Jutsu, and although his words were harsh, they turned Inari into a boy who dared to hope again and ended up becoming a hero of his own village.

9 Zabuza’s long hidden emotions erupt in him after listening to Naruto

2 naruto talks to zabuza while kakashi watches

Haku had been Zabuza’s assistant since the latter took him under his wing years ago. Haku loved Zabuza with all his heart and gave his life protecting him. When Gato started kicking Haku’s corpse, Zabuza stared, which didn’t sit well with Naruto.

He ranted about how much Haku had loved Zabuza and by the time he finished his Talk no Jutsu, Zabuza was crying. The Hidden Mist ninja eventually admitted that he also loved Haku and proceeded to kill Gato, the same man he had been working for.

8 Naruto’s words gave Hinata the courage to defend herself

3 hinata and neji fight

During the Chunin exams, Hinata Hyuga faced her cousin, Neji Hyuga, in the preliminary round. Neji burned with hatred for Hinata due to the family dynamic, and told her throughout the fight that she was weak and could never defeat him.

However, Naruto yelled words of encouragement from the balcony and showed complete faith in Hinata and her abilities. These words motivated the shy and unsure Hinata to finally take a stand for herself and fight as hard as she could.

7 Naruto’s determination reminded Tsunade of her loved ones

4 tsunade with hokage hat

Naruto accompanied Jiraiya to convince Tsunade to become the Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village. Surprised when Tsunade refused to take the position calling him a fool, he started yelling at her. Later, Tsunade asked her what she was so passionate about about the name Hokage, to which she determinedly replied that her dream was to be Hokage one day.

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This reminded her of her long-dead brother, Nawaki, and her boyfriend, Dan, whose dreams were also to become the Hokage. This talk infused with Talk no Jutsu set in motion the events that led to her finally accepting the position of Hokage.

6 Sai could no longer run out of emotions after meeting Naruto

5 sai of naruto crying

Sai was a member of Danzo’s secret organization, Root, who trained his Shinobi to be devoid of all emotions and simply follow orders. When Sai met Naruto, he saw the amount of passion Naruto had for his friend.

He asked him why he was willing to go out of his way for a person who didn’t care about him, to which Naruto responded with a full speech about how he would never give up on Sasuke, even if he took his entire body. It was various displays of passion like this that eventually helped Sai get in touch with his own emotions and begin to function as a normal human.

5 Naruto’s determination completely transformed Gaara into a better person

6 a battered but determined Naruto talks to Gaara

When he was young, Gaara was a child who only lived for himself and got satisfaction from killing others. When he saw Naruto fight so hard to protect the people he loved, he asked Naruto why he would put so much effort on other people, even if it meant that he was going to die.

Then Naruto used Talk no Jutsu with him to make him realize the importance of friends in life, and how it was their acceptance that made him strong. After that conversation, Gaara became a completely transformed person who then made it his life’s mission to help and serve others.

4 Even a creature of pure hatred could not resist this Jutsu

7 kurama and naruto become friends

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox that was sealed within Naruto, was a creature filled with intense hatred and loathing. After Naruto defeated his dark side, he promised Kurama that he would come after all the hatred that was stored within him.

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This statement shocked Kurama and developed a soft side within him for the boy, leading them to eventually become great friends and help each other during battle. The jutsu was so strong that it turned a hateful beast into a creature that began to care for the world.

3 Naruto’s words made Nagato believe in world peace again

8 Naruto talks to Nagato

After all of his Pain clones were defeated, Naruto confronted Nagato and asked the reason behind his destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village, and Nagato obeyed.

Naruto then used his Talk no Jutsu on him and reminded him of the teachings of his sensei, Jiraiya, and how he would not stop until he had achieved true peace in the world. The determination in Naruto’s words made Nagato believe him, and she completely changed her mind. He used Rinne’s rebirth jutsu to bring back everyone he had killed and entrusted Naruto with bringing peace to the world before he died.

two Naruto made Obito Uchiha get back in touch with his good side

9 Naruto talks to Obito

As a child, Obito was a very helpful and selfless person who dreamed of becoming the Hokage, just like Naruto. When Naruto saw his memories, he knew that he had to use his jutsu on Obito to bring him back to the good side, while ignoring the fact that he was a mass murderer who killed thousands of people, including his own parents.

Naruto increased his Talk no Jutsu with a heavy punch when Obito tried to resist, prompting several memories for the Uchiha, finally realizing how wrong he had been the whole time. From then on, he helped the Shinobi alliance win the war and even gave up his life protecting his comrades.

1 Sasuke finally succumbed to Naruto’s jutsu after years of resistance

10 Sasuke and Naruto look at each other

Sasuke was the only person who seemed to be able to resist Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu no matter what he said or how hard he tried. Naruto spent year after year and fight after fight trying to bring Sasuke back to the good side, but to no avail.

However, if Naruto was anything, he was persistent and stubborn and didn’t know when to give up. Over the years, he kept throwing jutsu after jutsu at his best friend until he finally exhausted him, thus proving that his Talk no Jutsu was the best jutsu.

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