Attack on Titan features many characters with varying individual strengths and weaknesses. Many characters in the series show no desire to back down from a fight, despite the odds against them.

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Many of these characters’ abilities were passed down from their early days of Survey Corps training, despite the loss rate this organization had. Although some of these members have grown over the years, they saw firsthand the harsh realities and benefits they received as Survey Corps agents.

10 Harsh reality: you have to endure harsh training sessions that will look down on them

Sasha from Attack On Titan

Although there are many things about the survey body that don’t make sense, fans witnessed how their beloved characters endured some tough training sessions. For example, during the anime’s third episode, fans saw Sasha Blouse being scolded and punished for stealing a potato and eating it in front of her 104th Cadet Corps Commander, Keith Sadies.

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Although Sasha took her punishment like a champion, it shows how serious her commanding officer was with them during their early years. On the other hand, cadets like Eren, who suffered many failures in handling omnidirectional mobility equipment, were able to master it, showing how important training ground was to their progression as inflexible soldiers.

9 Benefit: There appear to be no special requirements for the occupation

The Survey Corps after graduation

Despite the Survey Corps setting strange rules for its members to follow, there doesn’t seem to be a requirement that people have to meet in order to join. Considering that Survey Dorps’ kill rate is high, the requirements for participating in Survey Corps may not have been set in stone, considering that most of the members are used as pawns to distract the Titans.

Although there is no requirement to join the Corps, many people tend to drop out because their survival is not guaranteed, considering that their tasks will sometimes require them to defend themselves from one or two Titans at the most.

8 Harsh reality: they must endure the hatred of many people, including soldiers from other regiments

A man of the military police in attack on Titan

Although members of the Survey Corps risk their lives for the citizens of their nation, many citizens and higher ups in the Attack on Titan universe minimizes its achievements due to its many failures. In that sense, members of the Military Police and the world’s wealthy bureaucrats regard their services as a waste of money.

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Despite the hatred they receive, King Fritz supported their cause and protected the Survey Corps from snobbish and conservative bureaucrats who wanted to finish them off. Although Fritz was a stand-in for Rod Reiss (a character who should have died earlier in the series), he is replaced by Historia Reiss.

7 Benefit: They can boost your self-esteem and confidence regarding a victory or the number of Titans they kill.

Although Survey Corps members don’t profit from their victories, they do get some glory from an insider perspective. Internally, surviving a mission and not ending up like other characters who have had disturbing deaths in Attack on Titan it is the only satisfaction that Survey Corps members receive other than saving humanity.

Considering how low humans are compared to their Titan enemies, winning a victory over monstrous creatures like them will show off anyone’s emotional spirit. Not only that, but despite having an immense loss rate, many of the Survey Corps members, such as Levi and Mikasa, have managed to kill more Titans than most of their superiors.

6 Harsh reality: many leave loved ones behind without guaranteeing they will return home alive

Young Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan

Erwin Smith is one of Attack the titans better leaders and was always honest with his troops, even if his words rubbed them the wrong way. From his charge against the Beast Titan to his subsequent demise, he was no stranger to death and knew that one day he would fall in battle.

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Considering that death was always lurking behind the minds of every Survey Corps member, it would have been possible for many members to feel that they would never see their loved ones again. It is a challenging reality that many members have to face, as their lives would be snatched from them in one fell swoop from a Titan’s fist.

5 Advantage: Their direct connection to the Titans sometimes leads them to discover critical information about the Titans before others

Despite the fact that Ilse Langar had one of the most shocking deaths in Attack on Titan In the story, the scene between her and the freak Titan highlighted intriguing information that some fans weren’t expecting at the time. This OVA introduced some fans to an abnormal Titan who could speak English properly with a human.

Considering Ilse’s Survey Corps member status, this shows how these agents often get information on the Titans faster than others, including people from the Military Police. Hanje Zoe’s character is proof of such a concept, as she was always eager to learn more about the Titans, even though her methods were creepy at times.

4 Harsh reality: Survey Corps members must rely on themselves even if they are part of a larger group

Marlowe is decimated during the charge against Zeke

Even if Attack on Titan has many skilled members of the body that can defend themselves in a fight, others tend to depend on others to get them out of a difficult situation. Relying on endorsement is a strategy many Survey Corps members rely on, considering they are fighting beasts twice their size.

One such case could be seen in the first episode when Hannes leaves Eren’s mother behind and flees from the fight against the Smiling Titan. Although many fans would say it was a cowardly move on Hannes’ part, it shows the burdens that Corps members go through when faced with challenging situations.

3 Benefit: they get an understanding of the job title before signing up

Levi and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan

Despite the fact that the position is a job in which everyone can participate, the citizens of the Attack on Titan Universe get a general idea of ​​what they will join if they want to become a member of Survey Corps.

Whether citizens learn of Survey Corps losses or victories from other locals or elsewhere, they will not be fooled or forced to join the ranks. For the most part, joining the Survey Corps comes down to whether or not people have what it takes to fight the Titans with a one hundred percent chance of not returning from their expedition alive.

two Harsh reality: they must always risk their lives for the good of humanity

Hannes defending Eren and Mikasa

Regardless of whether someone joins the Survey Corps to gain notoriety for their titan-killing abilities or other personal motivations, their mission will always be to protect humanity at all costs. Despite the slander they can receive for failing missions or returning with sad news, dying for one’s people is something many Survey Corps members support.

This meaning is superbly emphasized in some of the Attack the titans character dialogue, motivations and backstories where loved ones perished because of the Titans. Even though some notable characters die towards the end of the series, some make sure to perform a final act of bravery beforehand.

1 Benefit: trust between one’s comrades, captains, and leaders will always be guaranteed to them

Levi's squad on the table

Although some characters in the Attack on Titan universe did not see eye to eye during the beginning of the series, over time these people learned to work together to defeat powerful opponents. Two noteworthy, being fan favorites like Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman.

Although these two had bad blood in the past and got into a brutal fist fight early in the series, both characters learn to respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Levi learned to listen to Eren’s plans, while Eren learned to respect Levi and follow his orders despite his past fights with Levi.

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