Production in The flash The movie has finally started. The creative team is currently in London, where filming is underway. Ezra Miller, along with DC fans, has been waiting years for a standalone Scarlet Speedster movie to take place. After what seemed like an eternity in development hell, Andrés and Barbara Muschietti were the ones who finally cracked the code to bring the story to the big screen. And from the sound of things, the movie will cover a lot of ground.

According to a Deadline report on Andres Muschietti’s production company Double Dream, The flash The film is “already in production in London”, apparently confirming previous reports that the film was scheduled to begin filming in April this year. Barbara Muschietti teased pre-production in February and it was just revealed that Zack Snyder League of Justice Visual Effects Supervisor John “DJ” Desjardin joined in to help make The flash movie a reality. It is currently unclear if Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are on set to film their respective Batman roles.

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Regarding Michael Keaton officially coming on board The flash movie, that’s also not clear at this point. The actor provided an update on his Batman status in late March, where he cast some doubt on his return, mostly due to the pandemic. Keaton admitted that he spent a lot of time analyzing the COVID situation in the UK, while noting that he has been busy preparing for another project he has in the works. Obviously, Keaton could have been misleading people in an effort not to spoil anything.

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The flash It will reportedly establish DC’s “new status quo,” which will try to clean things up and bring the projects together. The film is based on the comic book The Flashpoint Paradox, in which Barry Allen travels back in time in an attempt to save his mother, who was murdered when he was a child. In doing so, the hero finds himself in an alternate reality where things are much darker. Bruce Wayne is dead, and Thomas Wayne has assumed the mantle of Batman, while the Amazons and the Atlanteans are locked in a brutal war with each other.

In other news involving The flash film, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher is still hopeful that he will reprise his role. Fisher was expelled from the project after publicly stating that he would never work with DC Films president Walter Hamada. In a recent interview, Fisher expressed his enthusiasm for the story Andres Muschietti had put together, noting that the film has much more to do with relationships than superpowers. For now, it doesn’t seem like the actor is included when all is said and done. Term was the first to report on The flash film production in London. DC fans could end up seeing photos from the set that will be leaked on social media in the coming days.

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