Invincible’s Atom Eve and her molecule bending abilities have created some of the most colorful fight sequences on the show. This is how they work.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Invincible, episode 6, “You look a little dead.”

Since its presentation, InvincibleAtom Eve and her molecule bending skills have created some of the most visually stunning fight sequences on the show. In episode 6, audiences saw the heroine act out on her own to participate in her own way of doing good, wanting to use her powers to help people in ways that don’t involve entangling with supervillains. Atom Eve, witnessing the news of natural disasters from her smartphone, embraces the mantra “Make the world you want to live inBefore embarking on her new mission. With powers as formable as hers, that world will be in exceptionally good hands.

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A pillar of the Invincible The Image Comics series (which, like the Amazon show, is written by Robert Kirkman), Samantha Wilkins, also known as Atom Eve, was intended as a genetically engineered weapon by the government. While the show hasn’t delved too far into those origins yet, it’s become clear that Atom Eve is a force to be reckoned with, even in a world where beings like Omni-Man exist. At first glance, Atom Eve appears to be a Marvel Girl / Jean Gray analog from Marvel X Men franchise. However, the series has begun to establish that Atom Eve’s power set is his.

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On Invincible Episode 2 “Here Goes Nothing”, Atom Eve and the team of teenagers team up with Mark to defeat the Flaxans, an alien race from the Invincible comics that try to overtake Earth. His contributions to battle are instantly recognizable, thanks to the pink energy signature of his power. Throughout the fight, Samatha fires blasts of energy, lifts heavy objects and enemies with fine-tuned telekinesis, and builds protective force fields. Atom Eve can also fly, creating small floating force fields to sustain her as she soars at high speed.

invincible and eve flying

When the audience sees her in Invincible In episode 5 “That Actually Hurt,” the show begins to confirm that at the heart of these exploits is its ability to alter molecular structure at the subatomic level. After an argument with her parents, Atom Eve transmutes a door into existence in a way reminiscent of Scarlet Witch’s reality warp into WandaVision. Episode 6 “Looks Kind of Dead” takes these powers further, showing Atom Eve literally changing the world around her, creating a new home for her, turning barren land into a lush field of crops, and stopping a forest fire sooner. to quickly replace the destroyed trees.

Still, if the comics are to be trusted, even these formidable abilities are just the beginning of what Atom Eve is capable of. During her long comic book history, she has also shown the ability to regenerate herself, even after a fatal injury, making her essentially immortal. So while the show may lead viewers to see Atom Eve as a kind of “glass cannon,” that is, a fighter who can deal immense damage without being able to take damage, these precise abilities from the comics, with the help of his versatile combat powers. , make it one of the Invincible the strongest players in the universe.

InvincibleAtom Eve may not have had the same amount of screen time as many of the other characters in the series, but as the season progresses, she is sure to have an increasingly prominent role. In the source material, his semi-retirement from superheroism was relatively short-lived, so fans can expect Atom Eve and her luminous pink powers to be back in the fray in no time. It’s also good. With hints that Omni-Man is hell-bent on conquering Earth, humanity (and Mark) will need all the help they can get.

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