Between Gojo Sensei and the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna, fans of Jujutsu Kaisen received the fictional equivalent of a cursed energy masterclass in the anime’s first season. Gojo’s explanation during the Introductory Arc leads viewers to an understanding of cursed energy that is directly tied to the negative emotions humanity harbors toward specific ideas, places, and objects.

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For example, a school is filled with regret, hatred, and discontent, making it a particularly hot place for cursed energy. There are many moments throughout the first season of the anime that explain the cursed energy, but manga readers still have an advantage considering the large amount of Akutami content they have consumed.

10 No one has an unlimited supply of cursed energy, not even Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo comes to battle

Even Satoru Gojo, the wielder of the Six-Eyes Cursed Technique, is not blessed with an unlimited supply of cursed energy. Although Gojo’s Unlimited Cursed Technique looks like it would offer Cursed Energy resistance upgrades, it actually earns its name from the way it grants Satoru unlimited control of the space around him.

In recent chapters of the manga, Yuta Okkatsu seems to explain that Gojo’s Six Eyes Technique only grants him the ability to reduce the initial cost of his other cursed techniques. By reducing the amount of cursed energy required to initiate the Unlimited Technique, Gojo can make it appear that his supply of cursed energy is unlimited, although there is indeed a limit to his strength as a jujutsu sorcerer.

9 If Kenjaku’s plan succeeds, Japan would effectively monopolize the cursed energy and become the world’s only superpower until other countries catch up.

Yuki _ Manga _ Shibiyu Incident Arc

During the final battle against Pseudo-Geto during the Shibuya Incident Arc, Yuki Tsukumo helps readers understand the antagonist’s evil plan. After unveiling the new Cursed Ultimate Technique, Pseudo-Geto explains his plan to transform the Japanese population into an army of jujutsu wizards.

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Although there seems to be no other reason to drive this evolution than chaos, if the Elimination Game Arc ends with someone other than Megumi, Yuji or Okkatsu as the victor, the entire world could be at risk of a second Cold War that prioritize human suffering to create strength.

8 A special type of black rope can interrupt and cancel the cursed energy

Yuta and Miguel _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Volume 0 of the manga presents a series of world-building elements that did not reach Volume 1. One of these elements is the black rope that Miguel uses during his fight with Satoru Gojo. The black rope that Miguel brought from Africa is capable of canceling cursed techniques by interrupting the flow of cursed energy that is used to activate a cursed technique.

In the same way that Touji’s weapon, The Inverted Spear of Heaven, nullifies cursed energy, Miguel’s black rope is capable of limiting the cursed technique by absorbing cursed energy. Unfortunately, Gojo destroyed the entire rope during his battle with Miguel in Volume 0 and the anti-curse energy magic rope apparently takes a long time to produce.

7 Yuta Okkatsu has the most cursed energy of all known jujutsu wizards

Okatsu _ Anime OP

Of all the characters featured so far, Yuta Okkatsu has the highest concentration of cursed energy flowing through him. Even Yuji is surprised to see the high level of cursed energy surrounding Yuta and he trained almost exclusively with the strongest self-proclaimed jujutsu sorcerer.

Despite being in the opening sequence of the anime’s first season, Yuta never officially makes it to the anime. Fortunately, Okkatsu fans will be filled with Yuta when the Volume 0 film adaptation is released. The film may also help those who continue to struggle to understand the cursed energy after watching the first season of the anime. Otherwise, fans will have to wait until season 2 airs to learn more about the cursed energy and even more before seeing Yuta Okkatsu enter the fray.

6 The more cursed energy a wizard has, the harder it will be to read his attacks

JJK Manga _ Cursed Energy Application Explanation

Although Todo explains that curse energy can be used to predict the user’s movement of a curse in the anime, only the manga actually explains how this process works. While a jujutsu sorcerer would normally infuse his entire body with cursed energy to protect every part of his body equally, a skilled sorcerer will learn to focus his cursed energy with precision.

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This allows a skilled opponent to predict a wizard’s movement simply by paying attention to the flow of cursed energy around him. Yuji is especially difficult to track down because he has no cursed energy for his opponents to focus. Yuta Okkatsu is especially difficult to track down in combat for a different reason. Okkatsu has so much damn energy that it is impossible to notice the subtle changes in his energy levels. Furthermore, Okkatsu’s power is so strong that the young sorcerer doesn’t even need to adjust the flow of his energy to launch a lethal attack.

5 Inverted Sky Spear can resist cursed energy and nullify cursed techniques

Inverted Sky Spear _ Cursed Anti Energy Weapon

Maki and Megumi do a fantastic job of introducing cursed weapons during the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen but only the manga has introduced weapons and items capable of nullifying the flow of cursed energy.

During Volume 0 of the manga, fans meet Toji Fushigiro, a descendant of the Zenin family, Megumi’s father and one of the first men to part with the power of cursed energy. Like Maki Zenin, Touji traded his access to cursed energy for incredible physical attributes. In addition to this, Touji carries with him a tool known as the Inverted Sky Spear, which is capable of nullifying the cursed techniques of others by directly cutting off their cursed energy flow.

4 Various citizens have access to cursed techniques and cursed energy, but never learn to control them.

Junpei may remind anime fans of nothing but tragedy, but manga readers have long accepted Junpei’s death. More recently, Junpei appeared in the manga to explain how there are citizens of Japan, and perhaps even the world in general, who inherited cursed techniques but do not have the mental wiring necessary to take advantage of them.

Mahito demonstrated with Junpei that the human body can be transfigured to allow a user without curses to take advantage of a hidden cursed technique, but no one would have predicted that a sorcerer would use this power to awaken each and every hidden cursed technique. That is exactly what Kenjaku did at the end of the Shibuya Incident Arc, which means the sacrifice game arc will have a number of cool new damn techniques to introduce to fans.

3 Reverse Damn Techniques Aren’t The Only Way To Create Positive Energy

JJK Manga) Yuta saves Yuji

The first season of the anime introduces the idea of ​​reverse cursed techniques to explain how Sukuna, Mahito, and Hanami can heal themselves in the middle of battle. The anime explains that by multiplying the power of cursed negative energy, a skilled jujutsu sorcerer can create a form of positive energy that allows abilities such as healing to exist in the world of JJK.

The anime even goes as far as explaining that curses don’t need to multiply cursed energy like a sorcerer does to manipulate positive energy. This little information makes it seem like this form of manipulation of positive energy is impossible for a sorcerer, but Yuta Okkatsu proves that even a sorcerer can manipulate positive energy at will. Although Yuta is an outlier, the second-year jujutsu sorcerer has shown that what many believe is impossible for those who manipulate cursed energy is possible.

two Ultimate techniques push cursed techniques to their absolute limit

Pseudo Geto _ Uzumaki's Ultimate Technique

Maximum techniques are not introduced until the later chapters of the Shibuya incident arc, making them one of the most difficult techniques to understand even for manga readers. When Kenjaku explains the ultimate technique, he compares it to the pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery by mentioning the Domain Barrier Technique in his explanation.

Ultimate techniques push a cursed technique to its absolute limit. Geto’s Ultimate Cursed Manipulation Technique allows him to convert captured cursed spirits into pure cursed energy or if the captured spirits are semi-first grade or higher, Geto can effectively learn a new cursed technique by absorbing the high grade cursed spirit. Other Maximum techniques will surely appear in the future to break the current power scale that exists in JJK, but until then, Pseudo-Geto may be the most powerful character in JJK.

1 An ancient sorcerer, Hana Kurusu, can extinguish cursed techniques


The most recent chapter in the manga features an ancient sorcerer with the ability to extinguish cursed techniques. Characters with the ability to neutralize other powers are not new to shonen anime, but JJK Manga readers are beyond excited to find out more about this sorcerer than his name, face, and cursed technique.

It was assumed that the ability to inhibit the flow of cursed energy would only be possible with the help of cursed items such as Miguel’s black rope and Touji’s inverted Sky Lance. Fortunately, there is a third way, but fans will have to wait for Gege Akutami to continue his work on the Culling game arc to learn more about Hana Kurusu’s cursed technique.

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