A new Apex Legends character, Pariah, had his full skill set, 40+ skins, and all of his abilities leaked online by data miners prior to his release.

Respawn Entertainment’s next character for the popular Battle Royale Apex legends has been leaked online, including his full skill set, skins, and apparent release date. Pariah is the next character to be added to Apex legends, and now, before its eventual release, players can find out all about how it will perform in the game.

Apex legends is a battle royale of Titan’s Fall developers at Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game has 60 players spread out on a map in teams of three, with scattered weapons and armor that are exchanged each season. These seasonal events mix up the game and keep the game fresh. In Season 8, more rings of fire were added to the map, decreasing safe zones during gameplay as time passes. While Pariah has been known since before season 7, the latest online leak has found out all about the character before its release.

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Thanks to Twitter user Biast12, the new character has been opened wide, allowing fans to see everything about how the character will function and what his abilities are. Even some of the character’s cosmetics and skins have been revealed in the leak. More than 40 skins will be added to Apex legends alongside Pariah when added to the game, including four legendary skins (Secret Service, Lost File, Phantom Edge, and Chimera Effect). It is still unknown what these skins will look like, as the leak only contained the names.

Pariah’s skill set consists of three abilities, poise training, romantic sacrifice, and sonar grenade. Aplomb’s training allows Pariah to see the enemy’s health bars above their heads. This makes her the first heroine to obtain this type of information about the enemy’s health. It is also immune to the amazing and steaming effects of others Apex legends the last of the character. The sonar grenade works similar to Bloodhound’s primary ability, except only in a small radius from which it is thrown and will provide much less detail. Pariah’s latest, Sacrificial Romantic, unleashes a blast of steam in all directions around her, damaging enemies’ health and ignoring all armor and passives. The only downside is that it cannot move during this max ability, making it a double-edged sword.

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It is not yet known if Pariah will be the character added in Apex legends Season 9, which begins May 3. While the data miner believes that she would be the next character to be added to the game based on how much of her information was already in the code, there is still a chance that she is not the next character to be added to Apex legends.

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Fountain: Biast12 / Twitter

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