The debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993 by Saban spawned one of the largest pop culture and media franchises still in existence. The program adapted to the Japanese revolved around a group of teenagers with an attitude chosen to defend the Earth from an evil witch named Rita Repulsa.

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Fans were wary of the reboot movie in 2017, simply titled Forest ranger. The film would still retain the key characters from the original series, but with different backstories and key details. Fans of the show weren’t ready to know that Rita Repulsa would be so different from her television performance. That wasn’t the only aspect that changed the movie, but at least some things stayed closer to the original.

10 Different: the backstories of the characters

Sam Scott talking to Jason in the car in Power Rangers

The 1993 original series was used as a way to captivate young audiences and teach them valuable lessons. Reboot Forest ranger, changed the characters’ backstories to be more teen drama than fans were used to.

In the movie, Jason (Strange ThingsDacre Montgomery) was a great American football player who got into trouble and clashed with his father; Kimberly (Naomi Scott) is the popular girl whose reputation is affected by leaked private photos; Trini (Becky G) is a misfit whose parents don’t trust and has no real social position; Zack’s (Ludi Lin) priority is taking care of his sick mother; Billy (RJ Cycler) is still a nerd, but he deals with the death of his father.

9 Same: His still teens with attitude and Angel Grove

Billy, Jason and Kimberly sitting in the cafeteria at Angel Grove High in Power Rangers

In the 1993 series, the main characters were “teenagers with an attitude,” as Zordon described it. The phrase does not have much relevance in the film. It’s clear that the main characters in the film are definitely teenagers with an attitude and they have some deep-seated issues.

Fortunately, the movie stayed true to the original show’s main location. The story takes place in Angel Grove and at Angel Grove High School. The city became synonymous with the Power Rangers and was still a place in history for a couple more installments in the series.

8 Different: Rangers cannot transform and have powers

Power Rangers fighting Spit Flower;  Dacre Montgomery's Jason transforming into the Red Ranger

After Zordon chooses the five teenagers to become the Power Rangers in the original series, they receive their Power Morphers; The drastic change from not including Morphers will be discussed later. When the Rangers are cast in the movie by Zordon (voiced by Billy Cranston), they cannot transform. The costumes used in the movie are much higher-tech than those in the show.

They still don’t have the mindset as a team to allow them access to Morphin Grid. In the series, the Rangers use their Morphers to fight Puddies immediately. Another drastic difference from the original series is that the characters in the film have powers; they have super strength and agility. The characters in the series were ordinary teenagers who did not have supernatural powers until they were transformed. The Rangers were already trained in martial arts and gymnastics, and knew how to fight early on, except for Billy, who learned as the show went on.

7 Same: use of familiar characters

Both versions of Alpha and Zordon from the Power Rangers series and the 2017 movie

There are many aspects of the original series that changed the reboot of the movie. Fortunately, they did not deviate from the inclusion of the most prominent characters of Mighty Morphin. It wouldn’t make much sense to change the main characters or not include the famous Zordon and Alpha 5.

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Fans weren’t surprised to learn that the reboot would also include Rita Repulsa and her henchman, Goldar. However, the reboot took both characters in a direction that fans of the series never imagined and they were not well received.

6 Difference: Morphers and The Power Coins

Legacy Power Rangers Morpher and the 2017 movie Morpher side by side

One key aspect that has changed dramatically from the original series is the famous Morphers used by generations of Power Rangers; The original series has the iconic Morpher that harnessed the power of his Power Coin. The characters would yell “It’s Morphin time!” before saying his designated totem creature. His transformation montage is known to all fans.

Sadly, the Morphers are overlooked in the movie; can be seen on their waists after transforming, and an official toy confirms that said object is a Morpher. Jason, however, says the classic catchphrase before his climactic transformation.

5 Same: inclusion of Zeo crystals and morphine grating

Zeo crystals buried in the Earth in Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers

Fans of the original series know the importance of Zeo Crystals and Morphin Grid in the creation of the Power Rangers. The reboot included both of them. The Zeo Crystals are five separate pieces that have immense power and took over after the destruction of the Power Coins in the original series.

The Zeo Crystals also become the main power source for the next Power Ranger installment, Power Rangers Zeo. In the movie reboot, Zordon also tells the Rangers that they need to access the Morphin Grid. Morphin’s Grid is a multi-verse energy field that any Ranger can access, giving them all of their powers.

4 Different: the love story

Kimberly and Jason talking on the school stairs in Power Rangers

The love story in Forest ranger It’s kind of weird to see it happen on screen if you’re a fan of the original series. On Mighty morphinKimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) never dates or has romantic feelings for Jason (Austin St. John). Their relationship is more like that of a brother and sister. Kimberly meets Tommy (Jason David Frank), the future Green / White Ranger, and all the fans know about her love story.

In the reboot, there are some sparks between Jason and Kimberly. It’s an interesting dynamic between the girl who was once popular and the soccer player who was once famous, both aimlessly in their lives following their drift from popularity. As they spend time together, they develop a bond and eventually kiss.

3 Same: The Zords

Zords running into action in Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin

The Power Rangers couldn’t defeat large and powerful monsters if it weren’t for their Zords. The Rangers in the original series had Zords that were shaped like their given animal. The famous Zords were shaped like a pterodactyl, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, saber-toothed tiger, and mastodon. When combined, the individual Zords would be from a Megazord.

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This is a key feature that needed to be included in the reboot movie, as the Rangers can only fight to a limited extent in their suits. When Goldar gets up to find the Zeo Crystals, the Rangers can use their Zords which are also in the shape of the original animals. There are differences, such as that the Mastodon Zord has arachnid characteristics, but otherwise, they remain essentially the same.

two Different: Rita and Zordon’s story

Zordon in her true form and Rita in her Green Ranger outfit in Power Rangers

Fans weren’t expecting the reboot to change so much of Rita and Zordon’s story. In the original series, Zordon is a powerful wizard who was the only one capable of defeating Rita Repulsa as she wanted to conquer many worlds. In the end, Zordon traps Rita in a dumpster for thousands of years and is trapped in a time warp.

The reboot took it to different extremes. It is revealed that Zordon was once the Red Ranger along with others who swore to protect the Zeo Crystals; Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) was also a Ranger but the Green Ranger. She turns evil, is filled with greed, and ultimately destroys Zordon and the original Rangers. Zordon orders the impact of a meteorite to destroy him and the dinosaurs, and also sends Rita to the bottom of the ocean.

1 Himself: Tommy Oliver Connection

Tommy Oliver in Angel Grove and as the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin

When Tommy was first featured at Angel Grove High School, he caught the eye of Rita Repulsa. She forces him to become the evil Green Ranger; the worst enemy to ever face the Power Rangers.

Eventually, the Rangers and Zordon break Rita’s spell and Tommy joins the team. Seeing that the Green Ranger’s powers were weakening Tommy, Zordon and Alpha turn him into the White Ranger. Tommy Oliver would become the franchise’s longest-ruling original character. The reboot movie tied the character at the end. Back at school, the teacher announces that a new student named Tommy Oliver will be joining them. Instead of a person, the audience only sees a green jacket.

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