Yu-Gi-Oh! Y Dragon Ball Z They are two franchises that continue to thrive today even though both were issued decades ago. Whether fans enjoy both franchises for their games, anime, or merchandise, many fans have fond memories that each franchise gave them.

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Both franchises also have intriguing characters like Seto Kaiba and Vegeta, who some fans feel are better than the original protagonist of each franchise. Thus, it wouldn’t be out of the question if both fandoms came together to discuss which cards Vegeta would want in his deck.

10 Vegeta would like to have this spell card to bring back his monsters from the graveyard and as a reminder of the Dragon Balls

Although the Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime includes many nonsense anime logic solutions regarding the excessive use of forbidden cards and the characters’ attack decisions, Vegeta wouldn’t mind having a Monster Reborn spell card in his deck.

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Monster Reborn has secured victories for Yugi and others many times in the series, thanks to his power to bring monsters from the graveyard. Another feature of the card that would appeal to Vegeta is the power that the card has, as it will remind him of the wishes that Goku and his friends made in the Dragon Balls.

9 The blue-eyed white dragon is one of Kaiba’s favorite dueling monsters and a dragon that Vegeta would admire for its strength and appearance.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon YuGiOh

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a dueling monster that many cannot see alongside any duelist other than Seto Kaiba, to the point that many have classified all the Blue-Eyes cards that Kaiba has used in a duel. As a monster with three thousand attack points that can transform into a three-headed dragon, it’s no wonder Kaiba likes to use these dragons against opponents.

With his incredible White Lightning powers and intimidating appearance, Vegeta would also want to take Blue-Eyes for a test drive against some duelists. As long as Vegeta has the sacrifices or “special cards” necessary to summon him, Blue-Eyes would be an incredible monster to have at his disposal.

8 Vegeta would love to have Obelisk the Tormentor in his deck, as it is one of the most powerful cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! History.

Although some fans argue that some characters deserved to win the Tournament of Power in addition to Android 17, characters like Vegeta got new transformations and strengths during this catastrophic fight. Therefore, to match his Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form that he achieved during the tournament, Vegeta would choose Obelisk The Tormenter.

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Although this card can be difficult to summon because it requires three sacrifices, Vegeta would do whatever it takes to ensure this deadly beast emerges from its slumber. Considering Obelisk’s many abilities to avoid cheat effects and take down all of an opponent’s monsters, Vegeta would love to have the upper hand over enemies.

7 Mirror Force is a powerful trap card that allows any duelist to send their opponent’s attack straight at them.

Even though Mirror Force is a card that Kaiba only used once, Vegeta would think otherwise and place it in his deck for many reasons. For starters, Mirror Force is a card that allows duelists to send their opponents’ attacks directly at them, and considering Vegeta’s fighting history, he would be delighted to have a card with that power.

Although opponents can conjure up strategies to make Vegeta’s Mirror Force card unusable in a duel, it is a card worth having out of safety precautions. Plus, it’s a great card to use when under intense pressure or to destroy an opponent’s onslaught of powerful Attack Position monsters.

6 The White Stone of the Ancients is a duel monster that will allow its duelist to special summon the blue-eyed white dragon.

The White Stone of the Ancients from Yu-Gi-Oh

Even if some people don’t love Seto Kaiba’s character in the anime, Kaiba has had some of the best moments. Whether it’s Kaiba’s vision of teaching aliens how to duel monsters or using his famous Blue Eyes to humiliate Joey, he’s known to leave many to shame.

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Regarding Blue Eyes, Vegeta would want the White Stone of the Ancients duel monster card in his deck. If placed on the field and sent to the graveyard, Vegeta could “special summon” his own Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his deck to his dueling field.

5 Cyber ​​Jar is a forbidden card in real life that Vegeta would want to use due to its effects

Cyber ​​Jar from Yu-Gi-Oh

By ranking the best Jar Duel monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!, many argue that Cyber ​​Jar is the best. Although it is a forbidden card due to its abilities, Vegeta wouldn’t mind breaking some rules like some duelists do in the anime. The reason for its prohibition is due to its effects.

If Vegeta played this card in a duel, it would destroy all monsters on the field and force players to reveal their first five cards in their deck; then each player must “Special Summon” all the Level 4 specific monsters revealed on their field. Essentially, this card can prevent Vegeta’s opponent from drawing his desired cards.

4 Exodia the Forbidden was a monster that destroyed Kaiba, and Vegeta would want to use it to deliver Goku a similar fate.

Yu-Gi-Oh Exodia

Despite being their first duel, many people love to poke fun at Kaiba’s loss at the hands of Yugi, Atem, and their powerful duel monster card, Exodia the Forbidden One. The duel is known to have convinced people of watch anime, and Exodia memes will make fans cry with laughter.

Considering the embarrassment Kaiba went through after the duel ended, Vegeta would want to get his hands on Exodia to ask Goku to face him. Seeing Goku being wiped out by Exodia is something Vegeta would love to see, considering his ongoing rivalry with Goku.

3 The invoked skull is one of Yugi’s ace monsters whose design would appeal to the interest of the prince of all Saiyans.

Summoned Skull from Yu-Gi-Oh

Although Dark Magician was Yugi and Atem’s ace duel monster on many occasions, Summoned Skull is another monster that they loved to use during duels against enemies like the Paradox Brothers. His power can become a force to be reckoned with in battle, and if he fuses with the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, the monster becomes more powerful.

Vegeta would admire the design of the Summoned Skull and feel that his menacing nature was worth using in a duel against others. If used correctly in battle, Summoned Skull can turn into an ace monster that Vegeta can rely on when under intense pressure.

two Enemy Controller is a fast-playing spell card that will allow Vegeta to control his opponent’s duel monsters in many ways

Yu-Gi-Oh enemy controller

Another card Vegeta would want to use to play with his opponent’s heads would be the Quick Play Spell Card, Enemy Controller. Like its name, this card would allow Vegeta to manipulate the Attack or Defense Position of his opponent’s monster or his monster entirely as long as he tributes one of his own.

It is a card that carries many risks, but if used at the right time, it can be a card that can change the outcome of many duels, as seen with the use of Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Considering Vegeta’s past of being controlled by others, it will be very useful for him to be the one in control of others himself.

1 Lord Of D is a duel monster that would protect Vegeta’s dragons from traps, spell cards, and monster effects.

Lord of D from Yu-Gi-Oh

Considering Vegeta’s love for declaring himself the Prince of all Saiyans, he wouldn’t mind having a royal figure in his deck as Lord of D. Although he may look like a warrior in skull armor, his effects would intrigue Vegeta. .

Also, when Vegeta summons Lord of D, no one can target a dragon monster with Trap and Spell Cards or monster effects from the opponent’s side of the dueling field. It is a card that Vegeta would want to protect with powerful dragon monsters considering the power that the Lord of D. possesses.

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